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Great interesting stories. [[ FREE PDF ]] ⇗ Just One Word.אמן ⇣ Given the opportunity to bejewel Hashem s Crown of Glory with scintillating, dazzling diamonds, would you willingly forgo it Presented with the chance to merit untold blessings for yourself and your loved ones, would you decline Open this book and discover the strength of just work word, a precious, powerful word Read about the treasures of Amen how it can open all the heavenly gates, enriching you with good fortune and success You will rejoice with the people in these true stories when they reap the fruit of their efforts in this worldBegin reading these heartwarming anecdotes involving both ordinary people and our Torah giants of past and present, and you will find it hard to stop Travel with the characters to other continents and eras, learning about the inherent power of answering AMEN to berachos or Kaddish and of the careful recitation of berachos These moving stories will leave you inspired long after you ve put the book downThis revised and expanded edition comprises the halachos of Amen and seventy five amazing true stories and meshalim The message gleaned from them, when applied appropriately, can bring you untold blessing and bounty, enriching your life both spiritually and physically