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The only problem with reading this is it s the last of the trilogy Fabulous BattleTech fiction, fun, clever, and irreverent. &DOWNLOAD EBOOK ⇡ Black Dragon ↷ Theodore Kurita, samurai tyrant of the mighty Draconis Combine, is celebrating his sixty first birthday Topping the guest list is an unlikely bunch of high tech troublemakers Camacho s Caballeros, the toughest team of mercenary Mech warriors the Inner Sphere has ever seen But their invitation is than merely social Theodore s powerful cousin, Uncle Chandy, has recruited their ace operative, Cassie Suthorn, for a dangerous missionOn a xenophobic planet where honor and duty are worshipped like deities, the freelancing Caballeros are considered barbarians But Cassie s covert investigation uncovers an insurrection, and Camacho s foreign barbarians could be the only unit with enough guns and grit to save the Draconis Combine from its own extremists