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READ DOWNLOAD Û Among the Missing ⚼ In This Haunting, Bracing New Collection, Dan Chaon Shares Stories Of Men, Women, And Children Who Live Far Outside The American Dream, While Wondering Which Decision, Which Path, Or Which Accident Brought Them To This Place Chaon Mines The Psychological Landscape Of His Characters To Dazzling Effect Each Story Radiates With Sharp Humor, Mystery, Wonder, And Startling Compassion Among The Missing Lingers In The Mind Through Its Subtle Grace And Power Of Language In 2006, there was a film in Malayalam which became a cult film of sorts It was called Thanmathra Molecule , and depicted a man s frightening descent into Alzheimer s But what gave the story its poignancy was the bond between the protagonist and his son the single minded effort on the part of the former to make the latter an officer of the Indian Administrative Service Incidentally, the movie also focussed on the relationship between the protagonist and his f , Among the Missing is a collection that reminds me why I dislike short stories as a genre Characters are introduced, developed, and then the story ends I enjoyed the collection because it holds together thematically very well The plot sequence of a disappeared body frames a discussion of how we lose track of ourselves over our lifetime, how we lose connections with those we purport to love.The story Here s a Little Something to Remember Me By, particularly interested me in the way it weaves Among the Missing is a collection that reminds me why I dislike short