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Not Bad at AllThis book was a page turner, I really enjoyed this book I am waiting to get part 3 Very good Book 2 was just as good as the first one Derek the state trooper is locked up and his exwife is helping his drug dealer brother Scar go free On to the next book So many twists and turns definitely kept me on my toes Amazing work Everyday reality mixed with family and the lies and deceit. Not quite as good as the first installment but that s the curse of the sequel In this installment, Scar continues to wreak havoc on Balti with the help of crooked police and politicians onvhis payroll Tiphani is still ridiculously addickted to Scar and Derek remains in jail. I must finish the series..love this story line I was very glad to find out that the FLINT series had continued in Balit But was sadly mistaken back to Flint in this frist book,but was curious enough to want to keep reading the next installment. I loved it.. {DOWNLOAD E-PUB} Î Baltimore Chronicles Volume 2 õ From the author of the action packed Flint series comes the second book in a powerful new street series chronicling both sides of Balti s black market wow The second is better than the first..i read this book in two days..