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Prepare to enter the mystic city of Vishnupuram and witness the splendor for yourselves. Great work Lot of ground work done to gather information from Vegas about parlayam Not able to leave this book until finished First of all, one should have a lot of patience to complete reading this title It may feel tiresome for almost everyone before finishing the first part 'Sri Paadham' (Vishnu's Feet) the part where the magnificent 41 day festival 'Sri Paadha Thiruvizha' in Vishnupuram is extensively described Coz, I felt that there is no connection between the chapters or characters or incidents most of the time.The second part 'Koushthubam' (A Gem worn by Vishnu on his Chest) talks about how the Buddhist monk Ajithan took over Vishnupuram from Vaishnavas by winning a wisdom debate (Gnana tharukkam) Here hell lot of different perspectives are discussed and debated over.The third part 'Manimudi' (Vishnu's Crown) is where I could get a clear and connected picture on what I've read in the first part.On the whole, this talks about a grand city beyond imagination (Vishnupuram), how it was in its prime and how it waned out and finally vanished AND came back to life again Of course don't think about timelines This is a PURE FICTION giving an understanding on how might have the concept of religion/God has born.There are so many 18 incidents all over, I mean trying to understand religion/God itself is an interest of 18 :p epic story deals with hindu philosophies during the course of the story from beginning to destruction of Vishnupuram Unparalleled and Mesmerizing epicIt have not read such a grand and complicated novel before But needs dedication and patience to understand the grandeur of this epic May require several revisions to understand all the views of the author 👌👌🙏 Vishnupuram is not a book to be simply read It is a dream to be experienced! One of the finest works of Jeyamohan! Classic! |FREE BOOK ☨ விஷ்ணுபுரம் ♻ Amazing ePub, விஷ்ணுபுரம் author Jeyamohan This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book விஷ்ணுபுரம், essay by Jeyamohan Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? Please read and make a refission for you Some chapters require rereading to understand the author's meaning. Its great to read vishnupuram Again I am gonna refer to history of Vaishnavism by Suveera Jaiswal as well I have heard a lot about this book and I would really love to read this book.