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`DOWNLOAD PDF ↟ Planet Mail (Mail Call, #1) ☠ As far as job hazards go, Douglass Fraser didn t think crash landing on an alien planet and spending her recuperation being erotically pleasured by three gorgeous men was in the United Planetary Parcel Service s courier handbook There certainly wasn t a section on what to do when a very sexy king wants you to have his baby and save his world Marcus Blood Axe isn t only a descendant of ancient Viking space travelers, he s also a ruler dealing with a shortage of fertile women and no heir Surely the gods are on his side when Douglass drops out of the sky and into his bed, giving him a last chance to stop his people s death spiral into extinction Despite the exquisite pleasures to be found in the king s arms, Douglass wants from Marcus than to be his broodmare When another woman claims to be pregnant with Marcus child, it s past time to get back home Now the war Marcus wages is one of sensual passion designed to convince his Earth woman that she s worth everything to him even if it means giving up what he cherishes most.