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Full review at Pope s The Buccaneer shows promise on the surface, but doesn t really deliver as a novel Set in the 17th century, it tells the story of a royalist plantation owner in Barbados who finds that he will have to flee the island or face the Roundheads whose fleet is coming over from England to subdue the Caribbean settlements The protagonist, Ned Yorke, snatches his neighbour s wife and makes his escape only to find that it is not so easy to decide what to do afterwards.Overall, I found Pope s prose relatively dull fare Ned s endless self doubts and repetitive discussions about the same issues over and over again with his fellow travellers really sapped the story of any interest that it might have otherwise built up It is doubtful whether I will pick up the sequel, even though the era described is my passion.1.5 5 I did enjoy this book and will read in the series But this is certainly not a typical sort of Age of Sail book such as Hornblower or Bolitho Firstly, this is a century earlier and the tale of a buccaneer, not a King s officer And the main character owns his ship before he has any idea how to sail it It seems an explanation of how one might come to buccaneering, though I can t say how accurate the picture is. It has been ten years since I last read a book by DUDLET POPE That book was number 18, of 18, books in the LORD RAMAGE series set in the late 18th and early 19th centuries I had thought that was all he wrote in the world of naval fiction Thank heavens I was wrong Pope also wrote six books featuring the Yorke family Four of them are set in the Caribbean Sea area of North America in the 17th century The last two Yorke novels are set during WWII featuring a descendant of NED YORKE the hero of the 17th century stories.The first of the Yorke novels is entitled BUCCANEER in which Ned Yorke is introduced He is the most eligible bachelor on the island of Barbados He is running his father s very successful plantation on that island now country A ship arrives from England with bad news from his father, an earl Oliver Cromwell has seized his estates and a British fleet is on its way to Barbados to seize his estate there and to arrest Ned and other political enemies.Ned has been secretly in love with the French born wife of a very nasty plantation owner who desires Ned s plantation As he readies his staff to flee on his trading ship, he goes to see his secret love After an altercation with her husband, he convinces her to escape with him It was relatively easy to convince her since she had been a victim of spousal abuse for years They leave with her housekeeper and the housekeeper s husband and Ned s plantation staff Once aboard his ship, the personnel have to decide what they are going to do Trading is most obvious since they have hundreds of tons of sugar on board and that is as valuable as gold.After a short period, they fall into a sailing relationship with another freelance ship The owner of that ship is a nephew of Cromwell but is on the opposite side politically He, too, has a young woman in his company The two ships decide to go into partnership as buccaneers Eventually they add several other ships to their partnership and base themselves in Jamaica.If you are a fan of C.S.Forester or Alexander Kent or even Dudley Pope, you will enjoy the Yorke adventures There is a lot of history included in the story Highly recommended GO BUY READ Dudley Pope is hailed as one of the great maritime writers, but I m not too sure why This is the first book of his I have read and I can t say I was too impressed.Unlike some of the other reviewers I read this through to the end, but probably only because I was stuck on a ten hour coach journey.Whilst I do not doubt the historical and geographical accuracies of the novel, nor the technical sailing expertise, I just found the whole affair rather boring The main character fleeing plantation Royalist Ned Yorke shows no development or characterisation other than the very forced progression from rich farmer to murdering pirate.I enjoyed the climatic battle, but I don t feel it was worth hanging around for It was a fun little read and I am going to look for at some point. Interesting take on early pirates of the English Civil War. Meh I m undecided as to whether or not this was good enough to warrant reading the rest of the series It s not awful but it s not really good either. *Read ⇯ Buccaneer ⇩ It is thes and Spain considers the Caribbean to be its own private sea But England, Holland and France conspire to battle for freedom on the oceans set in days littered with the plunder of piracy Ned Yorke, a loyal Royalist living in Barbados has a small vessel and devoted crew and together they sail, hunted by Roundheads and Spaniards, determined to pay whatever the price for freedom from tyranny What transpires is a colourful, dramatic retelling of historical events surrounding the capture of Jamaica and the infamous raid on Santiago