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Another Patterson Alex Cross book That is enough to tell you it is good Alex has three different cases going on in this book First the alphabet killer, second someone killing high profile people who are not exactly nice people and 3rd Kyle Craig has escaped and is back in Alex's life And Alex and Bree get married near the end of the book. So my first novel by James Patterson which is surprising because even I know he has written a ton of novels..and I must check outas his writing is crisp, engaging and easy to read, you find yourself tearing through pages and looking up to see half the book is gone and that is wonderful talentIn this seventeenth installment (I know I know I have to readof the series) Detective Alex Cross is newly engaged and back in touch with his arch nemesis Kyle Craig who basically wants to destroy him As always I am immediately drawn to the bad guy, the pyscho killer to find out why they do what they, what drives them, and how can they be smart enough to elude capture for so long and pull off some sick kills I loved Kyle Craig in this book from his intriguing intro where he is getting a face lift to look like another FBI agent he has killed, new face, walk, talk everythingbrilliant I didn't really care for his methods as an ice pick to the neck was kinda..yawn..LOLBut I enjoyed everything else about him and the mounting tension in the relationship between Alex and Max Siegel/Kyle Craig It was really a distraction to read about another serial killer as he was not very developed so I didnt really care too much for him..I really enjoyed the suspense of the meeting between Max Siegel/Kyle Craig when he would reveal who he is but found that scene a little disappointing for the time it was drawn out..Alex Cross was interesting as a character and I get that he is the good guy who we should root for but I have to readto gauge my feelings for him I mean you know he's gonna win and defeat the elusive Kyle Craig its just a race to end to figure out how and when..I suppose finding outof that backstory would definitely help me accurately rate this book but as a stand alone novel highly recommended as the best in the series I did enjoy it..thanks for the fast read and recommended for those that like a great cat and mouse kinda cops and serial killers thrill ride LOL.. 4 stars Action and suspense make this a fast read This is my first James Patterson and I really liked it The first two instalments were made into movies, and both were great So maybe I should just start the Alex Cross series from the beginning (this book was given to mequite some time ago.by someone.) And I would, starting today even, if it weren't for all the other books I have on my TBR The many, many instalments are holding me off a bit and my memory is so bad, that reading one once in a while doesn't work for me cause I'd be forgetting important details referred to in later books. Cross Fire (Alex Cross, #17) by james Patterson.Alex Cross comes face to face with his old nemesisor does he??? Another fantastic, not to be missed, Alex Cross book Just when I think J.P couldn't possibly keep up another mindboggling storyhe does it again.5 stars. Preparations are underway for the wedding of Alex Cross and Bree Stone Alex’s family is excited and happy about the wedding Kyle Craig, Alex’s sworn enemy, is thinking about Alex’s wedding and determined to do whatever is necessary to make Alex’s life miserable His plans to disrupt the wedding sound perfect.Alex’s wedding is put on hold when a gunman begins a killing spree The killer’s victims include people whose names are well known in Washington not only for their positions but also for their corruption Max Siegel of the Washington field office steps in to assist with the investigation Alex is not pleased with this arrangement and has an immediate dislike for Siegel.As if Alex doesn’t have enough on his plate, he receives a phone call from Kyle Craig Alex suspects that Kyle is in Washington but has no idea how to find him Alex is seeking at least one shooter and maybe two, working with Siegel and trying to keep his home life in order and that is not an easy task.Cross Fire is full of the characters of previous Cross books that Cross fans will enjoy reading about The story is complicated with a lot of action Kyle is always there – just out of Alex’s reach.This latest addition to the Alex Cross series is one that Patterson fans will not want to miss. Well it's about time that the Kyle Craig storyline was done with once and for all This is the 11th book since we found out that Kyle Craig was the Mastermind and finally he got what was coming to him and in such anticlimactic fashion I think this is going to have to be my first negative review of James Patterson novel After waiting for so long to see Kyle get what was coming to him and to have it end as it did in this story was so disappointing There were no fiendishly clever and terrifying plots that Alex had to fight through, there was little real collateral damage to Alex and his family and most of all it seemed in the end that Kyle actually gave himself up to Alex to be taken down really he was the MASTERMIND!Nothing about the final act of this book told me that there was a mastermind at work here and it was only by sheer luck that Alex took him down in any form, sheer luck and the aid of Bree This was James Patterson's chance to show just how good Alex Cross really could be Forget the other killers and concentrate on Craig, have Alex hunt him down as he should have been doing the second he broke out of prison and finally end this once and for all thanks to simply outwitting the man who was in love with his own brilliance Very disappointing and not worth the 12 books (from Roses are Read to Cross Fire) it took to get there But at least it is finally over and maybe we can move on to bigger and better things! Patterson's reads are engaging, which can be a bad thing when you're so caught up in the story you pick apart every scene of the book Cross, to me, is not a reliable character One book he'll come up with all the ideas and be hot on the trail of his killer, the next and he's clueless I still don't know who he works for full time.This one was action packed and I loved the fact that Bree has all the qualities that Cross needs to keep him balanced She fits in well.The babymomma issue needs to stop altogether.On to the next. A lot has happened in Cross Fire, like Alex Cross getting married Oh, and don't forget that Kyle Craig is back But of course Cross still somehow makes stupid mistakes within this book which is just frustrating beyond relief I don't really know how I truly feel about this book and I'm kind of scared to rate this book based on my review because I'm just kind of all over the place No, it wasn't boring to read at all But yes, I did get annoyed with a bunch of things I do like to see some old villains reappearing but then it takes Alex forever to solve the crime or catch the killer I also just don't care about him marrying Bree sorry, I just don't I'm not here for the romance I'm here for the murders. I finished Cross Fire a couple of days ago and amid the storm of activity around the ranch here I tried to best organize my thoughts to a point where this review would not be too rambling The thing that stands out the most for me with this newest edition in the Alex Cross saga series is this: No matter what you may read posted by book reviewers, book critics, literary purists(if there is such a thing), thriller genre fans and writer bloggers is this: James Patterson IS and has a style all his own and he has a razor sharp, clear and familiar voice I am often surprised at his really clever single word usage to describe gesture, or indicative body motions, or to narrate and announce pivot moments in the plot by a single one word thought which bring us deep, deeper or back into the characters mind and effortlessly manipulates our thoughts as readers Even those of us, as writers, who read his work can't out think him or race ahead in terms of what we might expect Yes, to an extent we can pretty much guess Alex will survive and live on to battle the crime world's best efforts to wreak havoc on the earth, but still, Patterson's skill level is so high we feel as though we've been upgraded to first class from the baggage compartment after just a few pages into any book we read from him We love Alex's family too, we think some of his coworkers need to be smacked while others need to be commended for seeing him as WE do We pull for him when he's in danger, which is a lot, urge him to look behind himself as the maniacal evil genius Kyle creeps up behind him now and again Cross Fire, for me was part formulaic mastercraft(newsflash kids so is everyone else's in one way or another) and ALL brilliance I never struggle to read on, I am never disappointed in the overall concept (whatever that REALLY means), and I walk away, as a writer, feeling like I should go back to school..Whatever reasons motivate you to read, this book will not, should not, disappoint you There are many genres and subgenres but in the field of bestselling thriller fiction there's a real and good reason Patterson is KING and Cross Fire is another example of that And, you can bet that the next installment in the Alex Cross series will be in my hands soon enough.I started reading Cross Fire the other day In typical James Patterson style, Alex Cross, our hero, is thrust into 2 very serious situations right off the bat His old enemy is back which adds a deep and heavy dose of poison tension to the mix while Alex tries to stabilize his life with girlfriend Bree, also a capable law enforcement agent Patterson's writing has become a benchmark in the publishing world, and in my opinion for good reason His trademark quips, one word descriptions, such as chinned (meaning a physical indication head movement) and many others keep me as a writer looking for the method to his success in every book he writes For me, the first person narration is a key element in Patterson's appeal He is able to take us into the mind of the characters and it's as if we are seeing and feeling what they do I believe this is one of Mr P's big attractions to so many millions around the world and because he makes it look so easy, for me, as a writer, his work is a case study in writing style and technique both in the craft of writing and the art of story telling I'm coming up on page 200 or so and will read a bittoday You don't need me to tell you what or whom to read folks but this should be on your list of books to read, no matter what genre you like Formula? Yeah maybe, but don't let that stop you from studying yet another in the series by a modern master, you can't help but be better off as a writer and/or be entertained as a fan More on this fast read soon! `READ DOWNLOAD ↟ Cross Fire ↠ Wedding bells ringDetective Alex Cross and Bree's wedding plans are put on hold when Alex is called to the scene of the perfectly executed assassination of two of Washington DC's most corrupt: a dirty congressmen and an underhanded lobbyist Next, the elusive gunman begins picking off other crooked politicians, sparking a blaze of theoriesis the marksman a hero or a vigilante? A murderer returns The case explodes, and the FBI assigns agent Max Siegel to the investigation As Alex and Siegel battle over jurisdiction, the murders continue It becomes clear that they are the work of a professional who has detailed knowledge of his victims' movementsinformation that only a Washington insider could possess Caught in a lethal cross fire As Alex contends with the sniper, Siegel, and the wedding, he receives a call from his deadliest adversary, Kyle Craig The Mastermind is in DC and will not relent until he has eliminated Cross and his family for good With a supercharged blend of action, deception, and suspense, Cross Fire is James Patterson's most visceral and exciting Alex Cross novel ever