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Ice Land is a somewhat fanciful take on the legends of the Old Norse Gods set in the year 1000 It is told through the point of view of several characters in alternating chapters from Freya who can don her feathers and fly like a bird, orphaned Fulla who does not wish to marry the man her grandfather has chosen, Vili son of the sworn enemy of Fulla s family who can t stay away from Fulla, the half dwarf Dvalin who dwells inside the mountain with his half brothers, as well as the Norns who foreshadow the building turmoil within the great mountain Hekla The actions of the various characters begin to intertwine and ultimately lead them to their ultimate fate at the hands of the angry volcano Hekla I m really not inclined to go further into the plot line, the other reviewers have recapped the story well enough and there s plenty of additional info on the legends at Wik and other sites It did sound promising enough for a light fantasy, but unfortunately it ultimately failed in the final execution, particularly the alternating point of views I never connected with any of the characters, the writing flat and lifeless as were the characters , and due to my ignorance of the Norse legends I really didn t grasp what was going on until well after page 200 not a good thing for a 370 page book The only part I really did like was inside the mountain with the dwarfs had to flashback on a favorite book from my childhood, Since this book is still being prepared for final publication I would request the editors put in a brief cast of characters or summary of the people in these legends and not presume that the reader knows them ahead of time In the end, it s a very light piece of fluff that kept me entertained for 30 40 minutes a day whilst doing the cardio but I certainly had no problem putting it down and forgetting it once I was done The Gnome King of Oz (((Read Kindle))) ⇱ Ice Land ⇶ A beautiful epic of love, longing, redemption, and enchantment in the tradition of Marion Zimmer Bradley s The Mists of Avalon Iceland, AD 1000 Freya knows that her people are doomed Warned by the Fates of an impending disaster, she must embark on a journey to find a magnificent gold necklace, one said to possess the power to alter the course of history But even as Freya travels deep into the mountains of Iceland, the country is on the brink of war The new world order of Christianity is threatening the old ways of Iceland s people, and tangled amidst it all are two star crossed lovers who destiny draws them together even as their families are determined to tear them apartInfused with the rich history and mythology of Iceland, Betsy Tobin s sweeping novel is an epic adventure of forbidden love, lust, jealousy, faith and magical wonder set under the shadow of a smoldering volcano. I gave this 5 stars because it is EXACTLY the sort of book I like As soon as it came out, I was prepared to buy it, and I rarely buy books any Ice Land takes place in Iceland, one of several countries I have never visited but am obsessed with and intend to visit ASAP It s 1000 A.D., the year when Iceland officially converted to Christianity Some of the old Norse gods are beginning to get unsettled, worrying about the possibility of their world falling into ruin Ragnarok A large volcano is beginning to show signs of impending danger Meanwhile, the Icelandic people deal with the same hopes and troubles as always The story is narrated in the present tense this was the only part that kind of threw me off it s very unusual, and intended to evoke an epic mood The speaker is the Norse love goddess Freya, who is going to try to influence the future by going on a quest to get a legendary necklace from the dwarves Here, I think it s essential to mention that although it doesn t happen in the book, Freya drives a CAT DRAWN CHARIOT Too awesome Freya s quest leads her to a lot of unexpected people and situations, and some uncomfortable decisions Her story eventually becomes enmeshed with another plotline, a Romeo and Juliet scenario in which a young woman named Fulla is torn between her duty to her grandfather who wants her to marry well and her love for a man from a rival family There s adventure, romance, and beautiful descriptions of Iceland including GEOLOGY I love geology, especially when it s so dramatic I already like romantic historical fantasies and this one had all the extras that I would like, so since it was right up my alley, I liked it a lot. Although I am not as steeped in Norse mythology as some, I know enough about it to understand and admire what Betsy Tobin was trying to do with this book, and I think she succeeded beautifully She pulled a tale from the 14th c Saga of Olaf Tryggvason, added her own elements, and created a wonderful story that I found utterly captivating This is far fantasy than historical fiction, nevertheless she has grounded her tale in the very real setting of early medieval Iceland Her descriptions of the landscape are wondrous, and her portrayal of the lives of the early settlers of Iceland ring true She has, quite successfully, brought the Norse gods and one particular goddess down to earth I loved it. This book was not my cup of tea The mediocre love story, the disjointed narrative, the boring dialogue, the flat characterizations I don t even know where to begin Tobin s writing didn t appeal to me and neither did her novel It wasn t awful, it had potential and there were vaguely interesting concepts but I don t think I ll be recommending this one to anyone or rushing into another of Tobin s titles I admit I picked up this book largely because it was hailed as a beautiful epic of love, longing, redemption, and enchantment in the tradition of Marion Zimmer Bradley s The Mists of Avalon Bradley is one of my all time favorite authors and many her novels are among my favorite reads so I thought this one would be a slam dunk The tag line was probably added by the publishers to sell copies Unfortunately for Tobin, it set a very high set of expectations which her storytelling fails to achieve Like others, I feel that the book would have benefited from a character list with descriptions Maybe even a brief review of the stories themselves I fall in with those that know nothing about these myths and as a result the novel comes off fragmented and disorganized.Diana Gabaldon stated that Ice Land is a story of sex, love, blood, and the twilight of the gods, punctuated with hot pools, boiling magma, and volcanic explosions Very steamy No offense to Ms Gabaldon, but my morning coffee is steamier than this book Not that I was looking for a steamy read but the love story left my snoozing I couldn t have cared less about the outcome and kept asking myself when I was going to see the passion or even a connection between Tobin s lovers I believe Tobin bit off than she should have There is just too much here the star crossed lovers, the invasion of Christianity, the quest for the necklace As a result, no aspect is particularly compelling For me, Ice Land is an easily forgettable read that failed to make an impression. What a disappointment I was really excited about this book because the little teaser sounded so enticing First of all, it took me quite a while to get accustomed to the authors writing style The plot jumped back and forth between characters that had no depth whatsoever as the author found odd ways to connect them I felt like I was reading a fantasy version of Six Degrees of Separation I found Ice Land to be dry and shallow with underdeveloped characters in a bizarre plot that was not the least bit interesting I give every book a chance to the 100th page I wish I had put this down long before that. The Norse mythology bits are fascinating but this book is so woefully, painfully slow Too slow to make it enjoyable at all The writing lacks urgency or tension. Ice Land is a loose retelling of Norse myth intertwined with Icelandic history In the beginning of the 11th century, Christianity threatened the old religion and as the people s belief in the Aesir Norse gods and goddesses waned, Freya, the goddess of love, goes in search of the Brisingamen, a legendary necklace so powerful it may save her people The Brisingamen was created by four dwarves, three of whom agree to sell the necklace to Freya in exchange for sexual favours The fourth, a half dwarf named Dvalin, changes the price and requests Freya accompany him through the land of the giants, on his own quest to help his beloved sister Meanwhile, Fulla, a sixteen year old orphan has fallen in love with the son of an enemy clan and someone whom her grandfather will never approve The stories of Freya, Dvalin, and Fulla ultimately thread together into a magical adventure peopled with gods, goddesses, humans, dwarves, and giants set against the backdrop of Iceland s unpredictable Mount Hekla The author assumes a basic understanding of Norse mythology, and I know very little, so in the beginning of the book, I was confused by casual references to the Aesir, specific references to Freya s history, and sporadic statements by the Norns Quick internet research easily clarified all those things and, of course, piqued my interest in the Icelandic sagas Students of Norse myth may be frustrated by Tobin s version, but I thought this was a well plotted and compelling blend of fantasy and reality, though, truthfully, a bit short to do this epic story justice I would happily have read several hundred pages Recommended. I had a serious book hangover after finishing this one Absolutely gorgeous.Nutshell blurb We follow the lives of two women, Freya and Fulla, and the choices they make as they go through life The story takes place in Iceland during a time when Christianity was inching its way through the populace.It sounds really simple when I put it like that, but it was an elegant take on Norse mythology Asgard isn t some city in the sky It s actually in the mountains of Iceland and the people live alongside their gods I will admit to my vast ignorance as far as Norse mythology and Iceland is concerned I love mythology, but have just never gotten around to reading any from that area I m totally gonna now.Fulla is a young orphan who lives with her grandfather She s impetuous and pushes him into making a decision that will change her life Freya is the Freya from legend and is determined to acquire a necklace made by dwarves and will do anything to attain it Their lives are intertwined with that of the volcano Hekla which serves as the backdrop for this beautiful story.I was so enchanted by this book that on several occasions I was tempted to stay on the train past my stop just to keep reading Also, when I finished it I wanted to start it all over again immediately I have quite a backlog of books to get through, however, which is the only thing that prevented me from doing so. In this book Betsy Tobin uses sparse and wintry prose to bring to life the gods and goddesses of Norse mythology The setting is Iceland in 1000 AD in the weeks before the volcano Hekla is to erupt and a new religion Christianity is spreading across all of Iceland The story follows Freya, the goddess of love and fertility, on her quest to posess a special gold necklace in order to possibly prevent the great eruption There is also Fulla, an orphan being raised by her grandfather in the midst of a dispute over land with the neigboring clan of Skallagrim and Dvalin, a half man half dwarf who through a series of circumstances comes into contact with Freya which changes the course of his life forever The book is made up of chapters alternating between the viewpoints of Freya, Fulla and Dvalin with the exception of one chapter narrated by Vili, a young man from the Skallagrim clan Over all, an amazing novel about the power of love, faith and the shadow of fate on our lives from a talented author.