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One of my favourite anime, the manga doesn't disappoint Far too short though, I need to buy a batch of them next time. Just not feeling it It's neither funny enough nor strange enough to keep my interest It's not exactly Azumanga Daioh, but it's in the ballpark. Nichijou is Simply The Best.This anime/manga is a member of the Holy Trinity of Japanese high school comedy, together with Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star Azumanga is the OG straight take on the genre and is rightfully considered a classic; Lucky Star ismeta, Japanese popculture centered show/book; and Nichijou's thing is comedy through exaggeration Needless to say, it's one of my alltime favourite anime, and now that I'm finally able to read the manga, I can say it's just as great as the show.Ever seen Scrubs? Nichijou's humour is kinda like JD's daydreaming sequences It takes regular everyday life events and shows them not as they objectively are, but as they are emotionally experienced by characters themselves, and it does that in absolutely hilarious, creative and brilliant ways Here's a couple of prime examples of the show's humour, and some of my favourite gags from the whole thing (there are so many to choose from!):Exhibit A, the Sausage incidentExhibit B, Yukko goes to a coffee shopIf you think these are funny, you are in for an absolute blast, whether you choose to watch the anime or read the manga (though, once again, I would recommend anime first because it's GORGEOUSLY animated and the music is so lovely) Having seen the anime a while ago, I am now thoroughly enjoying revisiting the characters and the stories once again in the manga, but either one is an excellent choice for when you're feeling particularly down and could use some solid laughs in your life. This may be the most surreal thing for tweens (view spoiler)[Is it for tweens? I thought the students were younger, like 10, until the chapter where the one girl drew a sexy picture of her love interest (hide spoiler)] Absolutely outrageous , zany, insane, ridiculous, over the top, absurd and weird, this manga is awesome!I actually found this manga because I saw a screen shot of the anime series of the same name and immediately like the MOE art style, I did some digging and found out it was a slice of life comedy and I was in It's hard and easy to describe Nichijou because it is at once so,etching you would expect and also something you would not:World: Japanese high school this is the world, but it's hyperactive and insane, it's over the top and absurd it's ridiculous and it's awesome To describe this world I would also need to talk about the art, it's MOE and clean and over the top, you'll see a goat in the school, a kid carrying a bazooka, an android girl yeah it's cool The world is nothing new, merely there for the insanity of the story (or lack thereof) to happen and that's the highlight of the series Story: This isn't sketch absurdist comedy, it's over the top stupid and insane There is barely any story progression other than for the sake of the gag Chapters can range from 3 pages to 20, it's everywhere Normally I'm not really a sketch type of reader, but there are some series in the past that I have read because such a good job at it it makes it hard to resist, Yotsuba and Azumanga Diao are two off the top of my head If you like this two series, Nichijou will be awesome for you Highlight of this volume I think is the principal fighting the deerhehehe Characters: Weird and fun, they are the archetypes one sees in MOE and it's done well There is the studious student that's a goody, the lazy slacker friend, the genius with a hidden weird side, a rich boy with a goat for a bikeyes he commutes to school via goat It's awesome! Of course I have a soft spot for Nano It's a fun series and if you want a good laugh and enjoy absurd comedy that's light hearted you will enjoy this one Onward to the next book! Some of this book had me chuckling but other parts had me scratching my head The parts that were confusing could've just been jokes lost in translation though If you like either Azumanga Daioh or Yotsuba! I think you'd enjoy this sliceoflife weirdness I'm hoping after this volume that the characters' personalities will be built upinstead of justpanels of the running jokes in this book.Not anywhere near my favorite manga, but at least it wasn't the worst! I can't express how smitten I am with this Extremely quirky with dry humour and subtle wit while the outrageous is happening Not what I had expected from Japanese humour, at all It's a slice of life high school story where most, though not all, of the characters, are girls Not so much of a plot other than recurring day to day school issues This is offbeat, strange humour and just the thing that tickles my funny bone I adored it! The best part was when the principal goes at it with a deer in the school yard One girl is a robot made by another girl who is a bit of a mad scientist Another girl is quite normal but when she gets angry she takes out imaginary guns and shoots people in the head There is a boy who is the eldest son of his family The House of Something and he dresses like an Edwardian man, comes to school with a manservant, riding upon a goat, but is really only the son of a farmer There is a smart, bookreading girl who doesn't see the point of games and how she takes the fun out of it for everyone when forced to play makes me love her, as I feel the same way LOL Looking forward to reading the next volume. You definitely need to be in the mood for something quirky to read this You get thrown into the antics of these characters without any explanation or plot It's fun. I began reading Nichiou because I am just trying to get the flavor of a lot of different manga, had read a bit into Keiichi Arawi’s City series, thought it pretty goofy, and heard this one was better Nichijou is about a large cast of of characters in Tokisadame, mainly girls like high energy Yuko or cheerful Mio, but once you meet the anxious robot Nano Shinonome (I’m missing my shoes! I’m missing my bag! I’m missing my arm! They’re going to find out I’m a robot!} and a talking cat named Sakamoto, you begin to see the absurd edge of the silly comedy Artemy tells us is written by one of the “Holy Trinity” of Japanese high school comedy, also including Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star I like Arawi best because he has these surreal touches.It’s mostly silly or surreal or slapstick comedy, not plot driven, just quick stories, going for the laughs, some of which I didn’t quite get, possibly a translation issue, possibly a cultural one, though I did laugh out loud at times and often smiled Here’s an anime version of a key incident in the fist volume, where the principal battles a deer, to get the weird flavor: you want to try it out, here it is: ^E-PUB ⇹ 日常 1 [Nichijou 1] ↰ Amazing Books, 日常 1 [Nichijou 1] author Keiichi Arawi This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book 日常 1 [Nichijou 1], essay by Keiichi Arawi Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? 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