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READ PDF ì Susie in Servitude É Under the stern tutelage of Madame Seraphim Savage, Susie is training to be a corsetiere A keen student of fashion, Susie soon discovers that at the Rookery Madame s private establishment discipline, correction and other special services are always in vogue Madame s clients, it seems, appreciate the stripe of a cane as much as they do the cut of a tight fitting basqueIntrigue abounds, as do jealous rivalries, but Susie s appetite for the pleasures of punishment seems boundless And that s just as well, as Madame s cardinal rule that the customer always comes first is strictly enforced I d like to start by saying that this was not a badly written book It jus wasn t my cup of tea But if you re looking for plenty of lesbian action that s heavy on the discipline side and interspersed with scenes from an all girl boarding school, then you have to read this It did nothing for me but that s because I like meat too much to become a complete vegetarian.