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When I saw this book at an area thrift store, I just couldn t resist the pulpy cover art, not to mention the fact that there were some great stories within Some I had read before, like Kipling s Rikki Tikki Tavi, but others were gems just waiting to be discovered Twain s Journalism in Tennessee and Kruse s Alone in Shark Waters, among others Altogether an awesome collection and who can resist that cover. Some stories I liked, some were ok.I think my favorite thing about reading this was the story Leiningen Versus the Ants by Carl Stephenson I had never read it before, but it was very familiar and immediately reminded me of MacGyver I remembered seeing a MacGyver episode of this story So my favorite thing wasn t the story itself, but the MacGyver connection. My oldest daughter, who is a reluctant reader, read The Most Dangerous Game in one sitting She could not put it down. I once heard the title story read on the radio I bought this book with an accompanying collection of exciting stories and have read it to my kids Highly recommended. ( Download Book ) ♁ The Most Dangerous Game And Other Stories of Adventure ♙ A collection of some of the finest stories of Adventure In ALONE IN SHARK WATERS a sailor finds himself abandoned in the middle of an ocean infested with man eating sharks his only weapon a harpoonand comes out unharmed In THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME a professional hunter finds out what it feels like to be hunted as a wild animal for he is the prey In TO BUILD A FIRE a trapper fights desperately against stark fear in the cruel Arctic night In LEININGEN VERSUS THE ANTS a settler battles for his very life against a teeming horde of millions of deadly antsThese are only a few of the thrilling stories you ll read in this fascinating book Audiobook DNF The first story was good but couldn t get into the next 2 and the narrator s voice was so annoyingly robotic and irritating that I couldn t make myself continue the last hour or so of the book. Love this old book of short stories I read it once a year to remind myself what it is like to be 12 years old again. This book had some exciting moments I don t recall specific details but I remember enjoying reading this book.