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.READ KINDLE ♬ Miss Verey's Proposal / The Rebellious Debutante (Regency Lords & Ladies, #29) ♈ Miss Verey s Proposal by Nicola CornickJane Verey was not going to marry Lord Philip Delahaye He was rude, insulting, and a drunkard And at the thought of spending a lifetime with him, Jane would even lower herself to deception in order to dissuade her boorish suitor But Philip s handsome brother would not be so easily fooledJane Verey most certainly was going to marry his brother Alex, the Duke of Delahaye, had carefully arranged the match, and Miss Verey s tricks would not stop the marriage But every time Alex set eyes on the enchanting hoyden, he found himself wanting a match of his own The Rebellious Debutante by Meg AlexanderThe Earl of Rush might be the catch of the ton, but that did not stop Perdita from accidentally on purpose stamping on his toe Well, in her opinion he deserved it The Earl had secretly been rather impressed with the rebellious debutante her feisty spirit was a refreshing change from the simpering young ladies who had only marriage on their minds Despite the fact that Perdita disliked him, he d even managed to persuade her to help him in a matter of great importance But the biggest surprise of all for the Earl was that he now had marriage on his mind