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.Free Ebook ⚖ Giraffe & Flamingo ♋ In this incisive short story about memory and the limits of selfperception, the New York Times bestselling author of Rodham and Prep reflects on motherhood, gender, power dynamics, and the lingering effects of the pastEmily appears to have it all: professional success and a sweet family life But when her promotion causes her family to relocate to a new city, the move unexpectedly stirs up unpleasant memories of Jack Olney, the handsome jock who bullied her during collegeAs Emily sorts through her recollections and past humiliations, she decides to reach out to her old dorm mates Do they remember her? Are they happy? And whatever happened to Jack?With piercing emotional truth, Curtis Sittenfeld explores the indignities we can’t ever seem to shake—and the pitfalls of selfreflection