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I don't recall much about this book, but I think the focus was on the author bragging about how she helped save lives during birthing emergencies I just wonder how many of those birthing emergencies could have been avoided with a homebirth and a midwife.Not really recommended. This book taught me so much As a new OB nurse I so related to the experiences Susan shared in her book It really validated my work I loved it! I learned that you must shit this baby out Always tried not crap on myself, not realizing if it was there it was going to happen anyways This time I will give myself an enema before I go in to deliver and push that turd out with everything I have Great book, great stories, lots of information. selfappreciating author writes soft porn about birth work, yet somehow got my attention i liked it, though I'm embarrassed to admit it actually resonated a lot of what I've seen in my brief lil' career here. ( DOWNLOAD ) ♀ Hard Labor: Reflections of an Obstetrical Nurse ☣ In Hard Labor, Susan L Diamond shares the lifetime of experienceas a childbirth instructor, an obstetrical nurse who spent nearly a decade working on labor and delivery wards, and as a mother of twothat has given her an unmatched perspective on childbirth Hard Labor is as compelling as an episode of ER, but undeniably real It is a mustread for every woman