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So disappointed in this story It lacked depth and substance And what’s with the use of the word “prolly”??? I appreciate the attempt at creating a story that exemplifies the superficiality in society and how social media plays a role in this But, I think Lansens could have done this withdepth Instead, it felt rushed and basic Good introduction of the character Paula I would have liked to learnabout Paula. I know I can be too much with all my opinions, and my cursing, and I'm aware that my friends aren't always ready for or interested in my tirades about women's rights, especially abortion, and black lives and immigrant issues, or whatever In seventh grade, Delaney, who's the most tranque of us all, because she takes twenty milligrams of her antidepressant every morning, called me relentless The word had been on our vocab test Relentless Too true I never shut up I never give up I ask too many questions I'm a contrarian So I started my blog, This Little Light.In the near future of 2023, there has been a further political entrenchment of America's altright, and in the wake of the recriminilisation of abortion and the restriction of access to birth control nationwide, rumours abound about the shadowy Pink Market – that works underground to connect women to safe abortion providers – and the evennebulous Red Market – that has allegedly found ways to monetise this illegallysourced fetal tissue Growing up in this environment is Rory Ann Miller: A now sixteenyearold Malibu gatedcommunity rich kid (who had been in middle school and “just starting to see the world through her gender and to question her default Christianity” when abortion was officially outlawed), and when a superdevout Christian “Crusader” moves onto her street, Rory finds all of her friends gravitating to this beautiful young woman and the fundamentalist brand of Christianity that she promotes When the Crusaders stage an American Virtue Ball (in which daughters pledge chastity until marriage to their fathers in an official ceremony) at their private Christian high school, something happens in the hours just before the narrative of This Little Light begins, and Rory and her bestest best friend, Fee, are sent fleeing into the Malibu hills, chased by drones, personal 'copters, the police, Crusaders, and bountyhunters seeking the million dollar price on the girls' heads Safe for now in a friendofafriend's shed, Rory has access to a laptop and determines to write a long blog post about everything that happened to bring her to this point, and as a format, it works really well While I don't know if I loved the intermittent, “Oh my God you guys, I think I hear something in the woods”, and then after a paragraph break, “Okay, it was just ”, overall I liked the urgency of Rory writing the narrative as it happens and the mysteries that are hinted at early but aren't revealed until she gets to those points in her backstory (Note: I read an ARC and passages quoted may not be in their final forms.) In order to remain calmish, I'm going to write our side of the story I'm afraid we'll be tracked to the shed if I post entries in real time, so I won't submit until I know we're safe This old laptop has had a longlife battery upgrade, thank God I could write all night Maybe I will Wouldn't be the first time Won't be the last Writing? It's the only way I've ever been able to make sense of my life So, obviously, there is a lot of tension in this plot – waiting to learn what is going to happen to the girls in the present and just what the something was that happened at the ball – and as Rory is a slight outsider in her group of friends (her parents are nonpractising Canadian Jews, partners in a dogooder law firm until Rory's dad left for another woman, who sent Rory to a Christian Academy because it was the best local school), she is able to nearly objectively comment on their shared lavish lifestyle and record how horrified she was to watch this formerly Christianbyculture group of girls morph into fundamentalists who would be willing to restrict their own freedoms if an influential beauty queen and a rock star Reverend told them it was God's will This all gives the author, Lori Lansens, plenty of space to comment on everything from megachurches to #MeToo – and especially because Rory is writing in the blog format and trying to record conversations and her own opinions about everything – and This Little Light, as a result, feels completely of our moment.Because Rory is sixteen, Lansens writes in her young voice, saying things like, “We live in Calabass, California, which is famous because Kardashians.” (This “x because y” is used a lot, and I understand it's authentic to the informal writing of people younger than me, but it's still annoyingbut still admittedly authentic) Rory writes things like, “My menstrual cramps are gnarl” and “My mom would be totally cope”, and between the vibe of the vocabulary and the level of debate (teenaged girls can believably sit around and try to develop their opinions on abortion access and discuss just what kind of message those booty shorts are trying to send, while grown women have opinions based on experience that goes beyond what is touched on here), This Little Light has a real YA feel to it (which is not a complaint, just an observation) If I did have a complaint, there is only one male character in this book who isn't a user/controller/womaniser/moral hypocrite, and in the end, he's too good to be true (and to be fair on the flipside, while the fundamentalist Christians are all pretty evil – hoping to gun down a couple of teenaged girls, for a bounty, in a trumpedup Holy War – there are some characters of faith who do the right thing because it is the right thing – and because they haven't been corrupted by organised religion) But ultimately, I did enjoy the writing: It was only hours ago, and with everything that happened afterward it should feel like a blur, but I remember every detail from the second we walked into the ballroom – the twinkling fairy lights strangling the pillars near the stage, the flames from hundreds of candles dancing on either side of the long aisle where we'd stand to take our vows, the bleached tablecloths and gleaming dinner plates, snowy roses in porcelain vases and clouds of pale gardenias on pedestals around the dance floor Girls in gowns Celestial But even before anything went wrong, I could sense a vein of malice slicing through the whiteness of it all, hiding, like a razor blade in snow So, overall: I liked the sentencebysentence writing and the plot tension that the format allowed for, and I thought that Rory was a strongly written character with an authentic teenaged voice The publisher's blurb calls This Little Light, “an urgent bulletin from an alltoobelievable near future”, so a reader's enjoyment might be tied to just how believable and horrifying this particular future seems As for me, I couldn't quite buy into many of the the details of the plot, nothing that Rory and her friends discussed pointed to something I hadn't considered before, and I had a believability problem with most of the secondary characters Not really for me. #DOWNLOAD ⚛ This Little Light ⚠ An urgent bulletin from an alltoobelievable near future where a smart young woman who questions the new world order is accused of being a terrorist—an intense, unputdownable read by the author of The Girls   Taking place over the course ofhours in , This Little Light draws readers into a universe of bornagain Christians and celebrity worship where abortion is once again illegal and both religion and surveillance run amok Heroine Rory Miller and her best friend, Fee, are on the run after a bomb explodes at their elite Christian private school in their triplegated California community during their American Chastity Ball, where girls in white gowns pledge to their fathers that they will remain virgins until marriage As the girls struggle to survive while following their own attempted capture on social media and cable news—crowdsourced by Christian zealots and bounty hunters—Rory blogs their story in real time, determined to leave behind a record in their own words in case they don’t make it out alive   In This Little Light, bestselling author Lori Lansens weaves together the pressing issues of our time—women’s rights, income disparity, religion and politics, immigration—and di˝ uses them through the authentic voice of a yearold navigating a frightening reality The result is an intense, urgent, and enthralling read about an alltoobelievable near future—and the world we already live in This was a rough read for me I definitely ended up skimming the memories and just read the parts that were happening now so that I could just get through it.There was a good story in there, but the author's attempt to talk like a 16 year old was grating and pretty awful If Anne Frank were alive, she'd totally be an influencer Ugh.The ending was good, but not enough to raise my 2 star rating. This book is written in blog format by sixteen year old Rory Miller as she and her best friend Feliza Lopez are on the run after being accused of setting off a bomb in a school bathroom during a purity ball The story takes place in 2024, in an America where abortion has been criminalized and birth control is essentially nonexistent, except in underground, illegal networks While the premise is good, I feel like the setting should be a littlein the future: a lot can change in four years, sure, but I feel like it would’ve beenbelievable if it had been ten years from now, or even twenty Rory would’ve grown up in the world where abortions are illegal, but she could still hold on to her dissenting opinions Being twelve, or so, when it was made illegal doesn’t make her old enough to understand the shift that would’ve occurred during that time, or how people would’ve reacted The blog format, while informative, creative, and a good way to see exactly what Rory is feeling and seeing, is a bit one sided I feel there are a lot of open ends that could’ve been closed up There’s a lot of speculation made by Rory that never is proven or even wrapped up, instead its a sixteen year old, with no world experience, making guesses Rory is a strong, wonderful character: she stands up for what she believes in, even when none of her friends are supporting her, but really there’s not much that’s dynamic about her The story is the driving point of the book, and it is engaging and intriguing I just feel that it’s lacking the facts that could’ve been included if it wasn’t simply the blog format The ending is a disappointment I feel like it could’ve been so much longer andin depth There could be a sense of finality, and justice, but it’s just not there I did enjoy the book for the most part, but I think there are a lot of glaring issues that could be bettered: 3 stars.Thanks to the publisher and goodreads for my copy. Thank you The Overlook Press for a complimentary copy I voluntarily reviewed this book All opinions expressed are my own This Little Light By: Lori Lansens REVIEW ☆☆☆☆☆Let's set the stage for Lori Lansens' This Little Light It is 9:51 p.m on 11/27/2024 In this not so distant future, things have changed, yet things haven't changed at all Religion and politics don't mix, immigration has not been reformed, and the gap between the haves and have nots is vast and continues to widen Abortion is again illegal, and women's rights are shrinking Religious groups are very vocal, and sometimes violent, in their beliefs Our lead characters, Rory Miller(16) and Feliza Lopez(16), are caught in a volatile situation We're trendingThose pics..in your feed and on TV over the past few hours? Two freshfaced teens in bridal couture on the arms of their daddies at tonight's American Virtue Ball? That's me and Fee, my best friendThey're calling us the Villians in VersaceThe truth is that Fee and I did not try to blow up the chastity ball at Sacred Heart High tonightWe're being flayed in the media Convicted by social And now we're freaking fugitives, hiding outin the mountains overlooking MalibuWe've been accused of being runners doing dastardly deeds for the Red MarketEveryone knows there's a Pink Market out there helping minors access birth control, and morningafter pills, and getting them to underground clinics and all But the Red Market? Supposedly it's a babystealing mafia that supplies product to illegal stem cell research labs.How quickly social media will crucify anyone about anything is astonishing Truth is irrelevant compared to likes and follows, especially in the bubble where the girls live Rory, Feliza, and their friends (The Hive) live in Calabasas, California, which is famous because Kardashians It's a life of luxury and privilege for these girls.My friends and I lead such confusing lives We write essays about Jesus's love for the poor and disenfranchised then go shop Louis and Prada We laze around our pools snarking on those who have not, idolizing those who have a shittonmy town isn't a town the way people think of townsThere's no smoking in Calabasas No styrofoam No plastic bags No straws No fast food No trash on the streets No homeless No ugly, basicallya stunning backdrop for the photos we post We post a lot From the outside we must look like assholes Maybe from the inside too We have too much We are too much.Too much is an understatement, better excessive bordering on disgusting How, then, did two teenage girls in this insulated environment end up on the run? Together, the girls attend Sacred Heart High, a private Christian, but progressive, school Rory describes herself as the atheist blogger with opinions She started to see the world through. gender and to question..default Christianity Her friends accept her without issue, until a new girl moves into the neighborhood and cunningly places doubt and dissension in The Hive Jinny Hutsall? This wholenightmare started when she blew into Oakwood Circlethe second Sunday in September.Jinny tells them she is a Crusader, a zealot about antiabortion At the Crusaders forefront is Reverend Jagger Jonze, and his American Virtue Ball, which, coincidentally, Jinny is a huge proponent of Within no time, The Hive are in Jinny's house, drinking fresh lemonade and eating cookies,watching an AVB video, and hanging out with her five gorgeous brothers in the pool (all of this in a house that no one actually lives in yet) The girls agree to host an American Virtue Ball at their school, and Rory, caving to peer pressure, agrees She is the only one who sees through Jinny's schemes From the start, Jinny vehemently attacks Rory and twists everything Rory says to make her look ridiculous in front of her friends Why?There exists a deep divide over the legality or illegality of abortion As an atheist/heathen Rory is at odds with Jinny, the righteous This is a big problem They're saying that what happened at the Virtue Ball tonight has ignited an American Holy WarAnd the host of tonight's ball, Reverend Jagger Jonzethe one that put up the milliondollar bounty after everything went downHe's rocketed to superstardom Just like that Jagger Jonze is the devil.Coincidence or something ? Rory is intelligent and begins to wonder if she was framed as a holy example of what a heathen will do Fee refuses to believe that Jinny and Jonze would do such a thing As the girls plan their next move, Rory continues to tell their story in a real time blog to be posted once they are safe and not traceable Rory fills in background information as she goes, and the irony of the situation is not lost on Rory.I have to say, it would be tragically lame to die in a Holy War when I don't even believe in God.As events progress, Rory and Fee encounter unlikely allies, surprising enemies and shocking revelations This journey takes so many turns, and I never knew what to expect From the first page, I was captivated by the writing style and realistic voice of a sixteen year old girl I read this book in one sitting, and it has stayed in my mind since There is such remarkable beauty and stunning brutality in these pages I was speechless at the end of this impactful story I urge everyone to read This Little Light. Lori Lansen’s latest novel takes place in the near future, during a time when abortion has become illegal in the States, birth control is hard to obtain, and the rights of women, immigrants, and minorities have been slashed When a small bomb explodes at an exclusive high school’s “virtue ball”, 16year old Rory is immediately suspected as being the perpetuator and a bounty is put on her head and that of her best friend Rory takes to her laptop to document events as they happen, and also to record the past six months of her life so that if she doesn’t survive, at least the world will know what really happened Rory is a great character: brave, strong, and scared, yet furious at how women’s (and others’) rights have been eroded in the short span of her life She frantically records everything that’s happening to her in real time, which lends real tension to the story as it unfolds over the space of only 48 hours Lansen has created a character who truly sounds authentic, so although I can’t knock her for that, it’s a part of the reason I can’t give the book 5 stars Rory, even by her own admission, swears too much It’s just my personal taste, but I’m not a fan of excessive profanity I know that’s just me, but still Rory also speaks (writes) in a very teenage voice which, again, kudos to Lansen for capturing Rory’s teenage tone, but as a result the novel almost seems to belong in the young adult genre Nothing wrong with that: as a young adult novel, it would be very strong and I’d definitely recommend it to teens.Having said that, I’d still recommend the novel to all readers because I did enjoy it and the message is one that we all need to hear and remember as we embark on the rather scary times that I think lie ahead for us I just think it might appeal to a slightly younger audience but then again, who better to reach out to in order to stand up for our rights?And that ending Wow. Cognitive dissonance the confusion that arise in a person when what they believe and understand about life doesn't line up with what's happening in front of their face p29In theory I was so right, but I felt so wrong p42Cheeky as heck, astute and critical, outspoken: of course Rory was a target at her exclusive private girls school She gets away with her antics because she is a part of an elite, confident of her superior place in the world Only she is not There is a plaintive note that runs through her inner dialogue Aware of disparity, questioning authority, at 16 she has a missionary zeal to expose the hypocrisy she encounters in her social set.If a person says, not to be offensive, they're about to offend If they say not to be racist, whatever they say next will totally be racist p122not everybody starts life with the same degree of privilege p239So how did she end up with her estranged father at the hightone Virginity Ball? And what about that bomb in the bathroom?Once I had gotten over my culture shock and my aversion to shopping, and mastered the vernacular, I began to enjoy this racy and surprisingly delightful and bold examination of the sticky topics of faith, loyalty and virginity Some people will have a hard time with book, because, language.Where the hell is God? Doesn't He seepain and despair? p75Even if I don't believe in Him, God is not an asshole I guess I don't know Maybe secretly I'm hoping I'm wrong, and He's somewhere in the atmosphere, answeringprayers p111The setting for this book is the near future If it seems a bit far fetched and chilling, think about it Unless we begin to examine the way fundamentalism erodes religion, and make some necessary changes, it's just, a hopskip anda jump away I am so done with violent religious people p142 I could not put this book down because it was so good I never knew what would happen next Two teenage girls, Rory and Fee are hiding after a bomb explodes Rory is blogging what is happening and what led them to this point It keeps going back between the past in the blog and the present in a way that keeps you at the edge of your seat This book was intense and brought up important issues from the eyes of a teenage girl Some of my favorite parts include Rory discovering Fee's secrets in the present day while blogging in a shed I enjoyed the interactions with Paula, a 10 year old girl that ends up hiding with them Fee is very closed off from her best friend Rory, but she bonded with Paula and was able to focus on something other than what she was dealing with personally.Thank you Booktrib, NetGalley and ABRAMS for this book in exchange for an honest review.Release Date August 11Now available Kudos to Ms Lansens for writing a different genre but her contemporary fiction (The Girls) and her historical fiction (Rush Home Road) are two of my alltime favourite reads This Little Light takes place over 48 hours in the year 2023 They live in an exclusive gated area where abortion is illegal and girls must pledge to their fathers that they will not have sex before marriage.This is the story of 16 yr old Rory on the run with her best friend because they are accused of bombing their upperclass Californian high school during an American Virtue Ball There is a bounty on their heads and they hide as law enforcement, helicopters and drones try to track them down Told through Rory's blog writings of the events that occurred it is also about women's rights, abortion, immigration, religion and friendship Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin/Random House Canada for a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.