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[[ Read Ebook ]] Å Once Dishonored ⚢ Bestselling author Mary Jo Putney’s romantic Regencyset series features soldiers, spies—and the special redemption only love can bring A man who has lost his honor has nothing London,As a Royal Navy officer, Lucas Mandeville, Lord Foxton, has fought his share of battles on the high seas, followed by long years of imprisonment But on this night, he’d rather be on the burning deck of a ship than in a ballroom, where it is just a matter of time before someone challenges him because of what happened on the Continent A woman who has lost her reputation is nothing When darkhaired beauty Kyla Douglas arrives, a whisper of scandal ripples through the ton The disgraced divorcee’s entrance is an act of daring Which is exactly why Lucas asks her to dance A couple who stands together has everything Unexpectedly, Lucas offers Kyla his aid in finding the evidence to regain her good name—and her beloved young son Together they investigate the wicked conspiracy that destroyed her life, and in the midst of danger, find a deep love that will redeem them both—if only they can live long enough to build a future together A Fight for JusticeMary Jo Putney jumps right into Lucas and Kendra’s story They find a kindred spirit in each other’s loss of reputation, and Lucas promptly offers to help Kendra regain custody of her son Simon and Suzanne Duval, from Once a Spy, are eager to help Kendra’s experience is tragic, as she is a woman during a time of patriarchal law in English history Thankfully Lucas has the rank, persistence, healing knowledge, and friends to help her Friends such as Lord and Lady Kirkland from Not Quite A Wife It was nice to see how wonderful these families are doing, and how kind they are to their extended family Kendra’s bravery and fortitude in her situation is admirable I was genuinely happy that she finally got her happy ending Lucas and Kendra’s love is the quiet dependable type, with a strong root of trust and mutual understanding A great read for Mary Jo Putney fans! A good story with wellwritten characters that I definitely enjoyed.As I read this book, I realized that I really like when the main characters meet in the first chapter, just like in this story We meet Kendra and Lucas in the first chapter, and we learn about the tragic events in their past I liked these main characters straight away.They are multidimensional and interesting Lucas is a strong man, but not your typical imperious alpha male that romance now abounds He is an excellent example of how you can create a really strong male character that supports the heroine but does not impose his will on her I also love that Lucas appreciates Kendra for her character and how she handles problems, not just for her beauty Kendra deserves it, she is indeed a strong woman, fully capable of independent decisions Together, Kendra and Lucas make a remarkably successful couple I think they fit together perfectly, and you definitely feel it.The fact that they become friends before becoming lovers also contributes to this impression There is no instalove or even instalust here They are unquestionably attracted to each other, but they don't play on it right away I appreciate it for sure, it’s refreshing The sex scenes aren't very explicit Kendra and Lucas had known each other in the past but are now reconnecting And although they only spend a few weeks together, you don't get the feeling that everything is happening too fast There is something very comforting and heartwarming about their relationship And these are the vibrations that persist throughout the book, even though there are some rather serious and even dark topics.I really like it when there is also an extensive nonromance thread in my romances This is the case here Kendra and Lucas's developing feelings are intertwined with their efforts to solve Kendra's problems It works for me very well I was really interested in this plot.The author also did a great job of letting the events and actions of the characters show their stories and their personalities This is especially true of Lucas, who is often ostracized in the society and this is how we learn what his situation is and how he reacts to it We can also see it in the case of Kendra, we observe how she slowly regains selfconfidence and takes control of her life Great job.The only thing I didn’t like was a minor paranormal thread It was unnecessary in my opinion I think it could be easily avoided by relying on the normal skills of the characters.So far, I have only read the older books by this author, published in the 90s This one I undeniably liked the most and I will undoubtedly look at other books in this series I also recommend this book to people who like endings in Shakespearean style.Thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest, unbiased opinion. Kendra has lost everything, her son, her marriage, her life, all because of a lie Her husband only cared about her money and labelled her the black sheep of society As a newly divorced women, ostracized by society, she much fight her way back to regain her honour and get back her son With the help of a certain handsome Royal Navy officer, she is able to face her battles head strong and regain what she loves I really liked how well rounded the two main leads were In most historical dramas, the story very much surrounds their love story and not much else Putney strays away from the norm with success and some fails She tackles issues which are little talked about for historical romance genre even though they would be prevalent for the time I really enjoyed how the author handles issues surrounding Kendra's domestic abuse and the inequality faced by women during the times I also appreciated seeing a community which supports hurt women much like the present day women's shelter Although I did like the deviances it took from the norm, I did wish there wasromance in the novel I didn't feel a strong spark for the love interests which I really need with my historical romances Despite this, I do think readers who prefer arealistic and mature romance will enjoy it. Thank you NetGalley for providing me with this book This was a pleasant read with very clear distinction between the good guys and the bad guys It did feel that almost everyone was little too nice and that everything always turned out so well But, maybe that's not a bad thing in the crazy world we live in today.