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READ PDF ´ The Escapist ⚞ It'sin America, the Iraq War is coming to a close, and the Occupy Wall Street movement has been gaining steam And at twentyone years of age, Billy Chute is sitting in the breakdown lane on the side of the highway in his ' Altima with his drugs in the cooler on the passenger sear floor, in the midst of escaping yet another stale reality Still high on an opioid and amphetamine kick, his new escape crystallizes in a journal entry: Find Dad And those few simple words seal Billy's fate what started as another of his impulsive flights becomes a mission, and it terrifies him, for his father is like wildfire, burning all in its path, yet confronting his traumatic past may be Billy's only sustainable way forwardA propulsive story with profound insights about freedom and imprisonment, motion and stasis, chance and destiny, The Escapist delves deeply into the internal and external calamities that shape this special human life and mind Mental health, family conflict and abuse, drug addiction, and sexuality are intricately woven together in a turbulent preTrump America in this dynamic and layered narrative of violence and hope The Escapist by David Puretz is a complex novel about life The story begins with a journal entry “Find Dad.” Billy Chute is traveling across the country to find his Dad Billy struggles with drug addiction and is the king of escaping life and responsibilities His flight compulsion actually turns into a mission to find his Dad, who also escaped his own life and disappeared His mental health state and the flashbacks of his path keep him moving forward.This book isn’t for everyone While there is something for everyone to learn by reading this book, the pace is pretty slow However, I really love the complexity of this story So Billy struggles with mental illness and drug addiction BUT, he uses his journal to be selfreflective It begs the question, is his reflection reliable? While unreliable, it is still honest The feelings and emotions are what make this story really relatable.On top of the emotion, the story takes place with the backdrop of The Occupy Wall Street and the Iraq War These events have a critical impact on Billy’s life and have led him to this moment Even though the pace of the book is pretty slow, it makes up for it with complex layers and characters I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.Thank you to the author and JKS Communications for the opportunity to read this book! Although, I don't think this book will be for everyone this was a great story that I enjoyed It will make you want to keep those you love near you and the mental health issues were done very well I loved the characters and the story and I will come back to read this one again Go Into This One Knowing: Mental Health, LGBT Themes David Puretz crafts a captivating narrative that takes your breath away The themes of abuse and family dysfunction make you reflect on your own life and remind you to value those close to you There are LGBTQ themes as well which was really nice to see within a literary fiction novel.