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Brendan, Barbara, Bran, Bardal, Bartley and very few ghosts One, actually. [[ Free Book ]] ⇹ The Island of Ghosts ☘ When Dara and Brendan go missing after a sailing trip their sisters Barbara and Cait set out to find them But once they reach the Island of Ghosts they too become captives of Mr Webb This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I loved reading about life on an island community so small you need to sail over to Inish in order to catch the steamer to Galway I did not love that Mr Webb did not so much as get arrested at the end HE KIDNAPPED TWO CHILDREN, KEPT THEM AS SLAVES FOR HALF A YEAR, AND BROKE ONE OF THEIR LEGS SORRY FOR SPOILERS, I DON T KNOW HOW TO HIDE THEM. I am reading it still so I will finish it later.