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With Columbus Day quickly approaching, this was a very short and interesting summary of all the possible discoverers of America. A young childs look at the conflicting claims Short, well done. This book is great for children who are interested in history and archeology The illustrations are keep things interesting.Highly recommended. ( READ DOWNLOAD ) ☨ Who Discovered America? ☩ Who discovered America There s no simple answer The question points to an ongoing mystery of continent sized proportions Christopher Columbus stumbled upon America inwhile looking for a western route to the Indies, but he wasn t the first The Vikings settled briefly on the coast of Newfoundland hundreds of years before him, and left ruins to prove it Explorers from Portugal, China, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and elsewhere can also stake claims In addition to investigating all serious claims, award winning author Valerie Wyatt delves into the continents most ancient mysteries, some stretching back , years Who Discovered America reveals that historical sleuthing takes many years of hard work, puzzle solving and comparing legends and artifactsYoung readers will find the question of who discovered America much less simple, and much fascinating, than they ever dreamed