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FREE E-PUB î Applied Econometrics: A Practical Guide Í Applied Econometrics A Practical Guide is an extremely user friendly and application focused book on econometrics Unlike many econometrics textbooks which are heavily theoretical on abstractions, this book is perfect for beginners and promises simplicity and practicality to the understanding of econometric models Written in an easy to read manner, the book begins with hypothesis testing and moves forth to simple and multiple regression models It also includes advanced topics Endogeneity and Two stage Least Squares Simultaneous Equations Models Panel Data Models Qualitative and Limited Dependent Variable Models Vector Autoregressive VAR Models Autocorrelation and ARCH GARCH Models Unit Root and CointegrationThe book also illustrates the use of computer software EViews, SAS and R for economic estimating and modeling Its practical applications make the book an instrumental, go to guide for solid foundation in the fundamentals of econometrics In addition, this book includes excerpts from relevant articles published in top tier academic journals This integration of published articles helps the readers to understand how econometric models are applied to real world use cases