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After the amazing events of last volume's extended flashback, we are back in the present time of the story and given a big gob of dreck Lots of ridiculous characters show up and say very stupid things If not for a few moving pages with Elizabeth Midford and the last three pages I might have given this one star This is an extremely uneven series. I just can't with Undertaker I love him, butdamn Give me his whole history Always clever Always brilliant Always too short Now an interminable wait for Vol 29. Read up to (including) Chapter 148! [ READ KINDLE ] ♞ 黒執事 XXVIII ⚓ 重要参考人、シエル・ファントムハイヴ!! 明らかとなった年前の真実。しかし、シエルの目の前に、消し去ったはずの過去が突きつけられる――。激震のファントムハイヴ邸で、ゲームの天才・シエルが仕掛けた、悪魔セバスチャンさえも驚嘆する謀略トラップとは…? 大ヒット執事コミック、待望の最新刊登場!! Been reading chapters as they came out, ITS SO GOOD!! Forreviews and bookish content: to come. I cant any I just cant Have to wait another 67 months for the next volume orz WHAT ??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED MORE?????