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Kind of a ridiculous children s book with no real point or moral So the sisters are witches who fly What Other than practicing reading I don t see a real value to this text The illustrations are even that good. The book is not an example of great writing, but its repetitiveness helps new readers I like that the bird bird helped the third witch fly I would use this to encourage new, timid readers It is important to instill a sense of self confident I would ask my students how the third witch felt when she wanted to fly but did not have a way. One of the first books my two older girls learned to read We had tons of fun interchanging our names for theirs Reading the names as written in the book Wendy, Wanda and Wilma was lots of fun too Fun, simple text Delightful. *DOWNLOAD BOOK ⇯ Three Little Witches ⇲ Three little witches go for a joy ride and have some high flying adventures