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Just Great I have minor quibbles having to do with the choice of episodes that are adapted I would ve loved to have seen how The Four of Us Are Dying or A World of Difference or It s a Good Life could have been woven in.But those are really just quibbles A phantasmagorical journey through Serling s masterwork that brings the audience itself into the action by the end of the piece We are all citizens of The Twilight Zone. @Free Í The Twilight Zone (Oberon Modern Plays) è Between light and shadow, science and superstition, fear and knowledge, is a dimension of imagination An area we call the Twilight ZoneAdapted by Anne Washburn Mr Burns and directed by Olivier Award winner Richard Jones, this world premiere production of the acclaimed CBS Television Series The Twilight Zone lands on stage for the first time in its history Or its present Or its future The Twilight Zone is one of my favorite TV shows so I HAD to read this The story is a combination of several classic and some forgotten episodes Some of the episodes are given new endings, but the message remains the same for most While the script is an engaging enough read, there is such a visual and auditory element as seen in the script that makes viewing the production essential I would probably rate this higher if I could see it performed. I hope this plays in SF some time soon. This is just outstanding I would love to see in it an original production Obviously the source material is exceptional, but it s Washburn s arrangement and intercutting and framework that makes this so stunning Washburn takes the pieces and created something entirely new and completely theatrical. It s a roller coaster thrill ride that casts our current American moment and political hysteria and the sci fi magic of The Twilight Zone as manifestations of the essence theater going itself the imagination A powerful tool for both good and destruction A fun, morphing, interwoven adaptation of six episodes with only a slightly too hard lean to on the nose topicality in its adaptation of The Shelter done right, this could be a cracker of a fun, disorienting night at the theater. A challenging take on a classicThis adaptation of 8 episodes from the original series is quite interesting By interweaving most of them, the audience is thrust into a state of disorientation, which is odd and really jarring, yet it seems to sacrifice the mounting dread that made the series special The script calls for a tremendous amount of sound design, which would be a fun challenge to tackle.