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Not bad.I had a lot of Nailed it moments, because even when I followed the instructions, it looked only half as good as the picture in the book.That being said, this is a great way for anyone to make some creative artwork on canv [[ READ KINDLE ]] ↶ Painting Abstracts: Ideas, Projects and Techniques ⇤ Clear, Challenging And Inspiring, This Book Contains Instructions ForAbstract Paintings That You Can Get To Work On Straightaway, With No Previous Experience All The Basic Information Relating To Picture Elements, Composition, Theme And Design Is Provided At The Start Of The Book, Together With An Exploration Of The Meaning Of Abstract Painting, And Its Importance As A Means Of Self Expression And Creativity This is a book I will purchase Rolina van Vliet is a visual artist and instructor There are lessons and techniques included on how to paint abstracts I am so happy to find this gem of a book Brilliant exercises and explanations. I m dying to get in front of a canvas after reading Van Vliet s book The ideas are juicy and inviting Very helpful suggestions, ideas, and instructions to get any artist started in abstraction. I am not a painter of abstracts I picked up this book to help me look at subject s in a less literal manner Now that I have read this book, I am looking forward to working through the exercises.