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(((FREE DOWNLOAD))) ⇰ Whiteout (The Alaska Literary Series) ⇰ When she was a toddler, Jessica Goodfellow s twenty two year old uncle, along with six other climbers from theWilcox Expedition to Denali, was lost in an unprecedented ten day storm blasting winds of up to three hundred miles per hour Just as North America s highest peak is so massive that it has its own distinct weather system changeable and perilous, subject to sudden whiteout conditions a family whose loved one is irretrievably lost has a grief so blinding and vast that it also creates its own capricious internal weather, one that lasts for generations Whiteout is Goodfellow s account of growing up in this unnavigable and often unspoken of climate of bereavementAlthough her poems begin with a missing body, they are not an elegy Instead, Goodfellow struggles with the absence of cultural ritual for the uncontainable loss of a beloved one whose body is never recovered and whose final story is unknowable There is no solace here, no possible reconciliation Instead, Whiteout is a defiant gaze into a storm that engulfs both the wildness of Alaska and of familial mourning