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Kitty s 5 star review Eden Connor s stories have always been intense Filled with extreme emotions and fierce feelings, Hard Wood was a compelling and heart wrenching read There is no way to put into words just what Rita was going through or feeling or what Bodie saw staring out at him through her eyes I m not going to even try to summarize the story or explain just what each of them were feeling.I was drawn in right from the beginning of the story I didn t want and couldn t stop reading this story It was emotional and filled with angst but it was understandable as the story unfolded And, I wouldn t expect anything less from Ms Connor She just has a way of bringing out the best and the worst in her characters and making you feel their pain, their joy, their disappointments and achievements She wrote a book about baseball that was like none other than I have read and made sure that we understood just what Bodie was going through.As for Rita, this woman was in pain She dealt with lies and unfaithfulness in her short lifetime than any one person should have to deal with Now, it s time for her to move on from the pain and do it the way she sees fit No one is going to stop her and no one is going to change her mind But, when she falls, she falls hard and Bodie has her feeling again She can t, she won t, let him derail her plans.It s hard to write a review about a story that you really love There is no way to put into words what this story did to me Eden Connor opened my eyes about a lot of things with this story and had me thinking long and hard about what people with mental illnesses go through and deal with on a daily basis She also put us into the mindset of an athlete that is struggling and what they go through to get out of that slump You could tell that Good Wood was written right from her gut and that she poured her heart and soul into it.Slick s 5 star reviewI ve been reading Eden Connor for a long time and her books cover a wide range of topics and situations and sometimes they leave me raw and then sometimes they leave me breathless and Good Wood is in the latter category and I can honestly say that not since Colton DeMarco Soft Sounds of Pleasure has Ms Connor written a hero I absolutely adore Anyone who reads my reviews knows I love the good guy heroes the ones who can t help but treat their women with respect but aren t afraid to get down and dirty in the bedroom and the fact that she made him a pro baseball player who loves to dance it s like he s the perfect man Then the fact that she pairs him with a woman who absolutely needs a man who will be her champion, but will also let her live her life the way she needs to and cherishes every little thing that makes her who she is and well my friends, you have one freakin fantastic romance.All his life Bodie Riggins has strived to do the right thing and he s been grateful for the people who helped shape him into the man he is today his mother who despite her issues loved him dearly, the step father who raised him to be a man and accepted him even though it was obvious he was bi racial, his sister who loved him fully and deeply, the coaches, trainers and teammates who saw him through the ups and downs of the game and even the young woman whose harsh words cut him deeply and changed his outlook on life and love Being picked early in the draft and getting a multi million signing bonus was huge to someone who never quite felt he measured up, but now realizing that his financial planner has possibly taken off with what was left of his money has Bodie worried and scared.For years Rita Barnes has been hanging on by a thread some people call her crazy, some say she feels to deeply, some think she s an emotional mess and most underestimate her completely Rita is smart and while there is no denying she has some issues and the fact that her mother s recent death and her uncle selling the campground at Myrtle Beach she s always felt at peace have left her raw than usual and she has plans to take care of it all, but first she must help out her uncle while he takes a trip and she stays on site at the campground as operations wind down.First off I want to say flat out this is a complex story with a lot of layers and one of those layers is the relationship between Bodie and Rita and even that layer is complicated beyond belief It would have been easy for them to get lost in everything that went on in this story, but Ms Connor kept them at the forefront and everything going on in this book revolved around them one way or the other It never ceases to amaze me the amount of intricate threads this author can weave into her books There was much I loved about this story but mostly that Bodie understood about Rita and her issues than possibly anyone who d ever known her in her life and that was huge I did love that he knew just how to handle her and when to back off, but he always made sure she knew that she was aware he was there for her no matter what she needed I enjoyed watching Rita fall for the charming Bodie even though she didn t want to and that it started out small by her helping him out of with something so simple as grocery shopping to something as big as helping him with his game I appreciated the way they found joy in the little things in life and in every little piece of each other s lives they uncovered along the way Their relationship was truly special and watching is unfold was mesmerizing.This book is deep and it deals with some not so pretty things that happen in life, but it is also very hopeful, entertaining and of course sexy Good Wood is not a book you can read when you have a lot of things going on, this is a book to be read when you have the time to sit down and savor it It will make you think, it will make you laugh, it will make you cry, but most of all it will make you understand that every woman deserves the love of a good man in their lives.Review copy provided with no expectations. Gritty, raw and real Definitely for reader s who want than the sugar coated stuff. Original review 3 starsThis book is not mediocre, it is actually quite good The heroin is amazing, she is vulnerable, yet strong Her fragility comes from the fact that too many jerks in her life used her and put her down But she is out to confront them and or smartly make them pay The hero is an all around good guy The setting is colorful and I got a feel for the Myrtle Beach local culture I loved the characters and the plot I even liked the writing Mostly So why the low rating Typos and some confusing sentences Examples of typos include relived instead of relieved , lightening instead of lightning As in he is lightening in a bottle , which makes me think of the guy as a cure for all overweight women Mind you there weren t that many but the better the book, the less forgiving I am about stupid mistakes It really is a good book but I am currently so mad I can t give it four stars update 07 06 2017 Not so angry any 4 stars 4.5 Crazy Baby Stars Quick on your feet, strong on your heart Eden Conner knocks the ball way past homerun She delivers a fast ball to your heart, a curveball to your soul, and a fast pitch to your gut.I d tell you this was an easy read, it s not You will go through depressing times with Rita A strong, yet audible woman Obviously, someone loved and thrown away I felt her loss and solitude on a different level I had the crazy thought the white robe was her pain, and that all of her outbursts resided in the pair of pink and green pockets stitched to the front, before she grabbed her bucket and stalked out of the bathhouse Bodie, almost too much to cope with A man that gives hope when the sun doesn t shine You re my moon Whether you show me your dark side, or your light one, I ll never get tired of the view I cried I held onto my kindle and hoped the light would come Through trying times, there s love And this book gave me a smile and made me hope for A beautiful story of friends and lovers The water is always calm before the storm I think this book gives you all of it. This is another unexpected story, though I can t say why it s unexpected There was a lot sex in this one than in Rigged Game A lot raw sex, but there was a reason for it My heart cried for Rita, and I wanted to smack her a few times and ask her to give Bodie a chance, but I also understood why she couldn t She d been trampled on so many times by so many assholes just like him though so very much unlike him, turns out But I loved how Bodie eventually won her over, as much as she tried to resist him He was just such a good guy A genuinely good guy And, coincidentally, he had prior experience with the things that afflicted Rita, so I think he was uniquely qualified to be Rita s perfect mate view spoiler I really loved it when he realized Rita was important to him than baseball hide spoiler Anything by Eden Connors makes me think about the world differently, and I love her for that Good Wood is no exception Bodie is amazing and I think I have a bit of a crush on him, but then mother of pearls, we have Rita Rita is perfectly broken I can relate to her so much, with everything that is going on in her life I would really like to see of Rita because I can t imagine that she s going to be around to kick as s and take names She s fantastic A sorrowful woman needs to be touched More n a happy one, I reckon That s how you pull em out of their own head I ain t talkin bout sex Touch her Run your fingers through her hair and she ll remember to brush it Trace her lips and she ll paint em occasionally And when you do fuck her, fuck her hard Then do it all over again, real tender like After all that, fight like hell to stay awake, cause that s when she ll need to talk. |DOWNLOAD E-PUB ♴ Good Wood (Carolina Stallions #2) ⚐ Bodie calls his neighbor at the Neon Flamingo Family Campground crazy baby for a reason She s pure electricity in his arms, but there s no time for love He s got one last chance to shake the sand of Myrtle Beach off his cleats and head for the majors If he ever hits again, that is Rita can t get enough of the Carolina country boy living next door, but he s too late to change her mind She s got a date with a handful of pain pills and a rip tide As soon as she does her last good deed and buries a truckload of flamingoes, she s making sure no one ever hurts her again It s good wood and then goodbye, but will one last wave bring the pair together again story word count 134,866 Headline requiredI loved every little nuance of this story The writing is spectacular but the story the story grips you by the heart and squeezes until its bled you dry and refilled it with love and anguish and heartache and laughter Holy hell I honestly did not expect to love this story as much as the first Hell I had no intention of liking this series at all because I felt unfaithful to the House of Hannah but by God I cant get enough I m not gonna give details of the story away Eden wrote a blurb for that But I gotta say, not taking a chance on Bodie and Rita would be a shame. This book is different This book is different than a lot I have read The hero and heroine are real people, flaws and all The heroine suffers from severe depression and her story is emotional However, she is also smart, sarcastic, quick witted, and funny Brodie is a genuinely good guy with some issues of his own The storyline takes place over a short period of time but it feels well developed and takes you on an emotional journey. Rita is crazy or is she Bodie is a pro baseball player who is in a batting slump Rita knows a little about pro athletes an ends up helping Bodie with his batting Rita discovers that Bodie s biggest problem is not with baseball but with losing all his money to a con artist who was supposed to be investing it for him Rita has to decide if she wants to lend her hacker skills to help Boris get his money back This is a stand alone with a HEA