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So basic, it is not worth the 99c at which it is priced Listen to your body, do not run too fast, buy good shoes and don t run with a backpack Unfortunately, not very useful. This book is too basic, it has a couple of go search about it on Google , it is written like a coffee talk and without any depth. It s general book about running, not exactly about how to improve your distance running. Informative but very very brief. Best guide book..This thorough guide book will help you the methodical approach of running It also have instruction guide what are the right shoes to wear and what are the best thing to do before you start running I have been running without any thought to form before reading this book I now have a formula that helping me to run better now with lower risk of injury This guide book is very helpful. It was comprehensive and easy to understand, well written short book on running. ^FREE PDF ⇚ Running: Distance Running: Improve Your Long Distance Running Step By Step ☚ Distance Running Improve Your Long Distance Running Step By Step For a limited time only, get Distance Running for justRegularly priced atRead on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device Discover how to become a better distance runner by reading Elle Petersen s new book on long distance running This guide is written with the aim of inspiring and motivating people on how to start, or how to advance, their distance running Running and distance running in particular doesn t have to be a difficult exercise, but it is important that you take it step by step and start out slow When you have made running a routine habit, there is really no limit on how long distances you will conquer Elle will take you through the important steps necessary in becoming a solid runner Here is a preview of what you will be reading about How to adjust your running to your individual preconditions How to run long distance step by step Posture and breathing techniques The importance of stretching Improving your running speed A runner s nutrition Useful running tools The best places for distance running The health benefits of running and much, much Download your copy today and get a BONUS GIFT apage E book for FREE on how to improve your health further Tags running, distance running, long distance running, running books, running books free, running books kindle, how to run