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!FREE ♒ ダンジョン飯 2 ♶ ゴーレムを、たおして耕せ! 餓死の恐れと隣り合わせで、ダンジョンを進むライオス一行。地下3階で彼らを待っていたのは、ゾンビに幽霊、生ける絵画や、ゴーレムといった食べられないモンスターばかり。この未曾有の危機を、どう乗り越えるのか!?知られざる魔物の生態と、食への活用法が、いま明かされる!空腹と戦う、全てのダンジョン攻略者に捧ぐ。はらぺこダンジョンファンタジー第2巻! A great second installment that continues the fun cooking conceit while expanding the backstory of the party without detracting from either component of the series. I am LOVING this manga series! This volume was such an excellent mix of character development, cooking segments and dungeon diving/fantasy fun it's adorable and strangely wholesome The characters are excellent Senshi is INCREDIBLE and I would pretty much lay down my life for him because he is so passionate about cooking and being just precious in general.The really excellent thing about this volume is that it starts to introduce the larger plot We get glimpses of the characters backstories and some hints at the bigger, darker happenings in the dungeon as they get further into it I'm really enjoying this series and remain keen to keep reading! This was lovely and fun! I wish the story would move a little faster (that poor girl eaten by the dragon will die long before they come to her rescue if things go like that), but I am enjoying the ride, their interpersonal relations, their shenenigans and cute scenes together. A fun, hilarious romp that had me in stitches Lots of personality development for all of the characters in this volume Each of them gets a chapter that focuses on their struggles and skill sets in this volume Also I'm intrigued about what goes on behind the scenes of the Dungeon I feel like Ryoko Kui is setting up some major plot points for future story developments.Especially in the chapter where Laios goes inside the living picture I feel like there's a lotto explore in that chapter, than first meets the eye.Really enjoying this series so far. a fun continuation to the series! :D The best manga that has ever been written about maneating plant tart. This Volume 2 broke the mold that Vol 1 followed as it introduced the characters Vol 2 had many creative twists and unexpected turns, along with some interesting foreshadowing and thepastofthedungeon exploration I appreciated how the author didn't skim past the level with little food, and stayed with the setting to create unexpected recipes for nonfood creations Thoughtprovoking mysteries, grudging allies, traitorous friends, and cute humor. This series is becoming an instant favourite Mix Dungeons and Dragons with Top Chef and you get this Awesome and very, very funny This series is super fun, I am forever the magicexplosionfirsttalklater elf girl, and that making of holy water (WHICH GOT TURNED INTO ICE CREAM VIA GHOSTS THIS SERIES IS AMAZING) is so amazingly DD it made me laugh out loud.