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#Free Kindle Ü If All Else Perished ⚽ Supernatural Fanfic Dean SamSam and Dean investigate a series of murder suicides in an historic, but crumbling house in a small town in the rural midwest There s a vengeful spirit in the house, all that s left of a boy who killed his brother before hanging himself in the attic Sam and Dean get caught up in the same cycle of events that killed eight people over the last decade, and they discover an incestuous affair that led to the boys deaths It affects them than they d like to admit, raising the question of just why neither of them can ever let the other goWords , completeArt by blythechild Solid Short but sweet and interesting, easily enjoyable, even though the uses of un predetermined pronouns make certain paragraphs pretty confusing. Delightful Wincest fic Ghosts, possessions, supernatural murder mystery Wonderfully entertaining Some Favorite QuotesThis is exactly the kind of situation getting drunk was invented for We can leave and start repressing This was good, although I didn t get super emotionally involved but that could be cuz I m not as into Supernatural as I am TW The way things resolved with the ghosts wasn t my first choice but it was fine.