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( Download E-pub ) ò Louise Bourgeois: Aller-retour: Zeichnungen Und Skulpturen / Drawings And Sculptures ⚣ Over the past intensely productive decade, Louise Bourgeois s drawings have been dominated by diary like work in which text and sign often mix This extensive compendium of that work and its antecedents shares a series design with her recent book of sculpture, and the dialogue between mediums is lively in both titles, which also share a determination to put Bourgeois s current work in the context of her oeuvre, not just her work in other mediums but her work of other eras Long denied due recognition, Bourgeois became an avant garde superstar late in life, and is today, at , considered a great figure of the postmodern Peter Weiermair Since the s, her work has followed the prevalent notion of art that rejects universal style and formal understanding in favor of a personal approach Her central concern lies in establishing an intense, open discussion on the dialectics of thoughts and feelings, on the internal conflict wrought by external relationships Here, someworks are grouped thematically around motifs such as rivers, spiders and proverbs aper us A separate retrospective section of older works allows the rest of the book to shift toward the present, which is full of dark and dervish like activity Of her prominence, Bourgeois has said, My luck was that I became famous so late that fame could not destroy me On the contrary, readers will agree that fame or is it time has invigorated and animated Bourgeois to an exceptional degree This book has a lot of herrecent drawings with text and some cloth books I had never seen before Intriguing work. desperately, desperately, desperately