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4 star Harlequin Blaze Romance Though I have enjoyed reading a couple of sports themed romances they have been far and few in between this is the first of its kind for me Even being not much of a sports buff in reality this book turned out to be delightfully good, no doubt a testament to Sarah Mayberry s extremely talented writing abilities.Likes 1 Jamie Sawyer She is one of the most different heroines that I have come across in the romance world and because of that I loved her to bits She is strong, feisty, stubborn, determined to win at all costs, loyal to a fault and on top of all that she is so very vulnerable at the very core But she hides her vulnerability from the rest of the world with the tough facade that she puts up, and it works most of the time that is until Cooper comes into the picture and all that just crashes down at her feet leaving her with no choice but to surrender her heart, body and soul to the one man who would never betray her trust I liked the fact that Jamie didn t just become a sweetly submissive woman overnight shedding her tortured soul to become a woman with a sunny personality and smiles all around Rather she took her time getting there and even then stayed true to her self which is what eventually makes me her biggest fan all around.2 Cooper He is hot, sinfully handsome, wickedly intense and oh my lordy when he is turned on he is sex personified Cooper s most endearing quality is his ability to love Jamie for who she is, the way he cherishes her and stands beside her in everything she wants to achieve in this world Though it hurts something fierce in him to watch Jamie get battered up in the ring, he understands the fire driving Jamie to succeed and win big and at the same time he loves her enough not to give up when Jamie is being too stubborn for her own good I totally and irrevocably heart Cooper to bits.3 The true Blaze style sensuality in the story This book packs a punch in the sensuality department and gives the reader all the right kind of tingles in all the right places in the style that I have come to recognize that is just uniquely Sarah Mayberry From the first blazing hot smexing session that nearly knocked my breathe out to the slow paced actual act itself had me sighing, fanning myself and mooning all over Cooper and his well honed muscles gulp 4 Mmm I totally love the cover Just wanna run my hands all over that slick, hot body of Cooper s wink 5 And I absolutely loved the fact that this story kept me entertained, willing me to turn the pages that didn t bog me down with unnecessary details of the fighting and kickboxing world and yet still managed to teach me a thing or two about it As I said at the beginning of the review, Sarah Mayberry is so very talented and this story too is a testament to the fact Makes me wonder why I kept this in my TBR pile for as long as I did now scratches head Dislikes None.Full review with quotes (((Download Epub))) ☟ Below the Belt (Harlequin Blaze, #404) ⇞ To outfit his new gym, trainer Cooper Fitzgerald is looking for fresh boxing talent Male boxing talent, that is So what on earth is he thinking by taking on Jamie Sawyer She s stubborn, difficult, aggressive and far too hot for the kind of close contact training requires But her skill in the ring is turning his professional headToo bad his isn t the only head that s turning Jamie and her skimpy little shorts have all the guys forgetting the power she packs in a punch And when Jamie offers Cooper her irresistible body no strings attached he s down for the count But can Cooper keep the line between trainer and sex buddyor is he setting himself up for another knockout A former boxer champ training a would be boxer chick, but their intimate trainer fighter relationship is about to get even intimate In a different, and much satisfying, way.I have to give kudos to the author for creating one heck of a couple of well developped characters with unseen depths and loads of layers.But since I was in the mood for something a bit frilly and relaxing after two books that weren t satisfying at all , I just couldn t cope with the amount of angst and emotional baggage crammed into a short Harlequin Blaze book.The heroine annoyed me, making me wish someone would just KO ed her and get her out of the picture Talk about a woman who has absolutely no clue what she really wants, going from hot and cold faster than you could snap your fingers And her masculine approach to casual sex simply rubbed me the wrong way.The only problem I had with the hero was the fact he actually put up with the heroine, but that also got him a few bonus points in my bookAnd maybe a candidacy for sainthood or at least martyrdom.Otherwise, you won t hear any objections on my part The story flowed nicely, the pacing was constant, the boxing part was maybe a little overdone for someone who doesn t watch or get the sport, but all in all this was a rather good read If only the mercurial heroine wouldn t distract me every few seconds. This is the 4th book by Sarah Mayberry I ve read, and one of the better ones I really enjoyed this one For what it s worth, you re the hottest damn thing I ve ever said no to, he said.What was she supposed to say to that She flipped him the finger Thanks a lot, she said Hey, for all you know I could be hung like a hamster and it would all be over in five seconds flat he said.She rolled her eyes Puh lease, you think I m feeling impaired I had my hands on you last night, I know what you re packing I know exactly what I m missing out on It s annoying when the leads think of getting rid of their attraction to the other lead by finding the next available person I thought I would like this one since it included a unique topic of boxing with romance But, I couldn t seem to get into it because of the heroine She s strong and determined and I like that she s sticking with her goal to become a boxer when female boxers don t easily get the approval of male boxers But I didn t like her belief of just easily sharing her body with any men In romance so often we are shown the heroes having enormous experience with women Being big flirts so they can just share a night with a woman I would prefer to read about men who have fewer relationships with real meaning behind them But since that is hard to come across I usually have hope with the heroines Since Jamie held the same view as the male leads, I couldn t seem to like her as much.Cooper was really sweet I liked how he was as professional as he could be when most heroes in books like these would have lost the battle to keep their hands from the heroine It was also wonderful to see him acknowledge his feelings for Jamie especially how helpless he felt every time she was in the ring He was very patient with her.Despite Jamie s sad history I still thought she was too stubborn and unwilling to give a relationship a chance I know it was her goal to succeed, but I hated how she was too much into winning that she failed to listen to advice given to her on big matters especially after working so hard to find a trainer who would give her advice and tips I didn t like how she wanted to get ahead so bad that she didn t stop to think what Cooper was telling her at the end and how she dealt with their relationship despite just expressing her feelings And she couldn t back up this move of hers with her bad past, it was just her own hasty decisions Cooper was so good to her and I don t think it was fair how she treated him By the end it didn t seem like she had an honorable reason to win, she just had to do it I actually wanted her to lose so that she could realize what Cooper and all the people she dissed were trying to tell her. I picked this book because it was written by Sarah Mayberry and because the premise is so different from anything I ve read before A female boxer trying to set right her father s wrongs, paired with the most amazing, honorable man trainer, Cooper Cooper is sexy as hell Jamie is a little harder to like She s driven and tough, and unlike every other romance novel, she s the jaded one It was an interesting change, but it was also hard to understand Jamie Her reluctance to get into a relationship and being very sexually aggressive, she s a heroine like no other I was actually a little stunned by her sexuality It was as if Cooper and Jamie switched the traditional rolesWhile it was a good read, and I even enjoyed the boxing fighting parts and Cooper was delightfully sexy, it was Jamie who I couldn t empathize with But, it was kinda nice to learn something about the boxing world, which I have absolutely no relation with. This was pretty decent for a Harlequin romance novel I liked the characters and the mix of boxing sports in there was a welcome change to some of the other obstacles the heroines face I liked all the characters and there was some good sex scenes It didn t stand out a ton for me, but I enjoyed it This was ok Got bored of it after awhile and skimmed the rest. This book started out really good, got a little better and then disappointed me I think it went too far for me A little too nice and neat I was left wishing it had ended sooner. Good book There was a little too much detail about the boxing matches for me It made me hurt just reading about it.