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Sierra was a young lady who had a lot going for herself Sierra was hurt at the age of 18 by a man who she thought loved her Sierra made a promise not to date a preacher Sierra meets Richard Castleton and she enjoys his company Sierra is confused once she finds out Richard is a minister Awesome story on forgiveness and love. {Read} ó Forgiven by Grace: A Christian Romance Story ê Sierra Banner is a very beautiful girl one who has a lot going for herself in life So there s really no surprise that she s dated extensively in her twenty eight years However, despite her best efforts and all her positive attributes she hasn t been successful in snagging Mr Right When she meets Minister Richard Castleton, the draw between the two is apparent almost from the very beginning However, there s one problem Sierra s heart was broken by a man of the cloth in her past and she s made a vow to herself to never date a preacher again Richard knows instinctively that Sierra is his soulmate, and that she s everything that he could ever want in a woman or a wife Problem is he has to convince Sierra of that and persuade her to love again