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[[ Read E-pub ]] Ì ダンジョンに出会いを求めるのは間違っているだろうか 8 ´ 大森藤ノ×ヤスダスズヒトが贈る、圧倒的ダンジョンファンタジー、第八弾! ──王国ラキア軍出兵。軍神アレス率いる王国軍の突然の来襲。迷宮都市へ進撃する軍勢その数、三万。迫りくる軍靴の音に、オラリオは──何も変わらなかった。「せっかくだし、たまにはベル君達には羽を伸ばしてもらうさ」強過ぎる冒険者達の手によって市壁の外で侵略者達の悲鳴が上がる中、オラリオは平穏な日々を過ごしてゆく。小人族パルゥムの求婚、愛しのボディガード、街娘の秘密、神々への恋歌──そして女神が紡ぐ愛の歌。神と子供達が送るささやかな日常編! 「ボクはずっと君の側にいるよ、ベル君」これは、少年が歩み、女神が記す、── 【眷族の物語ファミリア・ミィス】── A group of short stories about the romantic lives of each of the major characters Nothing is really resolved, but there were some interesting moments I find myself wondering how many plot lines will really get wrapped up and resolved with only two volumes left in the series. A collection of stories that focus on the romantic feelings between some of the lesser characters The author was quite good at including important main plot tidbits around the book, making it unskipable There is also an atempt to clarify the whole godadventurer relationship and in the end there is no right answer Quite liked that about the book, there wasn't a standard answer that solved all problems Kudos to the writer for that.As I quite like the overarching story, my scores per individual story are low There is little progress plot wise However, I still enjoyed the book There is a lot of world building that I quite enjoyed as I am a big fan of the series Review for the 6 stories:1 Mikoto (*) Ties for last place Simple story, has its fun moments but only made me lose interest in the characters involved.2 Lilly's (****) Because the previous was bad, I thought here we go again Turned out to be one of the best ones and a bit unpredictable.3 Welf's (*****) Best part of the book! Welf totally rocks!4 Eina's (*) I like Eina's character, but really pointless story.5 Sir's (**) Slightly better than the previous, some good main plot points Average story6 Hestia's (***) A bit of a mess Trying to fit Hestia and Aiz in the same story did not work, just made everything awkward In the end, it felt like it could have been great but fell short There were some great Hestia Bell dialogues though. Book number 8 finishedLots of short stories this time round, aimed at each other the individual characters love interests with some good comic relief. While the individual stories were playing out there is a bigger overall story of the city going on int he background and throughout each story there are a few click moments for Bell as he realises things that tie into previous encounters or little snippets of information (relieves) come to light leaving Bell with somequestions to ask and also giving the reading somequestions It kinda gives a hint on whats to come next and also starts to bring a side character or two a littleinto the story/light seeing another side to them.All in all an enjoyable addition to the seriesNot stop reading if this if you don't like guessingBut I'm starting to guess that.Sry is actually half god? Maybe I'm wrong, just a guess but Freya having a following keeping an eye on Sry and making sure nothing happens to her seems a little over protective. Lots of FluffWhile the story still follows the same characters, this feltlike a side story than something that contributed to the actual plot I believe this one should have been advertised separate from the series to allow readers wantingcontent to be able to read it separate from the main plot.Despite this, though, it was still nice getting to know all the characters a bit better! There was even a bit of character development in Bell after this one, as well as foreshadowing with the last scene in the book I am excited to read the next installment in this series.