(((READ BOOK))) ⇥ ORDINARY WOMEN, UNSPEAKABLE ACTS SERIES: THE TORTURER'S INTERN RETURNS ☔ Ordinary Women, Unspeakable Acts The Torturer s Intern RETURNS is an explicitwords sequel to the previous erotic story of similar title intended only for adult audiences with focus given to the act of torture light to extreme of the male genitalia done by a female s or better known as CBT and Ballbusting in the world of BDSM This includes other female domination acts, erotic humiliation, forced nakedness and many forms of torture variation Do not sample, buy and read it if you find the theme is your cup of tea The art of interrogation is not, in fact, so new at all They all spring directly from the practices of the Medieval The distance in both technique and ideology between the periods is uncomfortably short The idea that nowadays female interrogators are allowed to take extreme measures including extreme genital torture to squeeze information from their victims provides chilling sensation down our spines This story is all about that idea Enjoy Excerpt Kristin is not a sadist, and she gets no pleasure from giving torture, it s just a job to her She tends to use quite a lot of chemicals, nerve agents and gases to provide excruciating pain She d rather inject some incredible pain making serum into her victim and go and have a cup of coffee Now, me of course, old touchy feely Evelyn, never employ such boring methods But there s one serum here that I ve heard about that could be interesting if used on monster nads here Ah, this is the one She unwrapped the sheet around the bottle and began to read it out Testicle Blasterit says on the label, she said Originally developed to increase the sperm output of breeding bulls, this is a concentrated by product which can be used for interrogation purposes Evelyn skipped through several paragraphs, and then continued, The effect it has on human testicles can only be described as traumatic Permanent damage can be assured Using DNA derivatives, amino acids and nerve control agents, it stimulates the testes and prostate and causes the male reproductive system to speed up semen production by up to ,% Several victims have produced extraordinary results His long penis bobbed gently with his heart beat, crystalline strings of pre cum oozing from his glans His testicles, swollen from their earlier viscous treatment, hung heavily in their voluminous scrotum, swinging gently between his wide apart thighs Both naked under their lab coats, the girls had their hands between their legs, massaging their wet clitorises, as they looked at this beautiful young man and his amazing genitalia Then things began to happen The prisoner s face now had a look of surprise and his eyes widened in disbelieve and outrage as he felt strange things happening within his body His brow became beaded with sweat, and all over his torso, perspiration was breaking out and dripping down the sides of his body His heartbeat began to race, and his penis now pulsed rapidly, the end slapping his chest gently THIS STORY IS INTENDED FOR MATURE ADULTS ONLY NOT SUITABLE FOR MINORS AND DEFINITELY NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEARTSANK YOU VERY MUCH