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.Read ☥ Annals XIII-XVI ♱ Tacitus Cornelius , famous Roman historian, was born in 55, 56 or 57 CE and lived to about 120 He became an orator, married in 77 a daughter of Julius Agricola before Agricola went to Britain, was quaestor in 81 or 82, a senator under the Flavian emperors, and a praetor in 88 After four years absence he experienced the terrors of Emperor Domitian s last years and turned to historical writing He was a consul in 97 Close friend of the younger Pliny, with him he successfully prosecuted Marius Priscus.Works i Life and Character of Agricola, written in 97 98, specially interesting because of Agricola s career in Britain ii Germania 98 99 , an equally important description of the geography, anthropology, products, institutions, and social life and the tribes of the Germans as known to the Romans iii Dialogue on Oratory Dialogus , of unknown date a lively conversation about the decline of oratory and education iv Histories probably issued in parts from 105 onwards , a great work originally consisting of at least twelve books covering the period 69 96 CE, but only Books I IV and part of Book V survive, dealing in detail with the dramatic years 69 70 v Annals, Tacitus s other great work, originally covering the period 14 68 CE Emperors Tiberius, Gaius, Claudius, Nero and published between 115 and about 120 Of sixteen books at least, there survive Books I IV covering the years 14 28 a bit of Book V and all Book VI 31 37 part of Book XI from 47 Books XII XV and part of Book XVI to 66.Tacitus is renowned for his development of a pregnant concise style, character study, and psychological analysis, and for the often terrible story which he brilliantly tells As a historian of the early Roman empire he is paramount.The Loeb Classical Library edition of Tacitus is in five volumes.