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Very short Cost me 10 before shipping I loved it. I ve had this book on my shelf for quite a while, but it took me forever to pick it up That is sad since it is only about 50 pages and very cute At its heart, it s a story about grief and the process of grievingI think That s wh Definitely by the guy who created Over the Garden Wall There s a page written from a dog s viewpoint that s an unexpected gut punch It takes less than 20 minutes to read, which is a shame because I wish I could be wrapped up in McHale s autumnal I picked this one up online for ten bucks because I love Patrick McHale s work on Over the Garden Wall and Adventure Time I was not disappointed.Bags is a fairy tale that comes with the wit, charm, and mystery of McHale s writing I would say it is not as deep and moving as OtGW, but as a fairy tale I don t think it needs to be There are curious characters whose depths are left unexplained the Walrus, the Policeman, the wolf, even the devil shows up What isn t said highlights what is and provokes the reader to imagine filling the empty space, or closing it by seeing them as symbols or analogies Maybe both, maybe neither Another reviewer criticized his childlike writing of short sentences as boring, but I didn t feel that way at all In fact, some short paragraphs really shine with his chosen diction and I can t fault the dialogue for the most part it is interesting and evocative with only very brief lapses into blandness not everything should shine like the sun The dialogue with the devil was perhaps the most thoughtful, although John Motts thoughts really provide a structure that guides you through Tell me John Motts, sing to me the song of your mind, a solitary soul with a loving and loved dog to whom, at one brief moment, the narration shifts and the coming in as a fan of OTGW I had a feeling of what I was getting into and I was pleasantly surprised It gave me a few moments where I almost cried and moments where I was so engrossed I didn t want it to end Having the same atmosphere as OTGW but with its I have never seen Over the Garden Wall, I was given this book as a gift, it took me a few months to pick up and about ten minutes to read What an odd little book that keeps you engaged and interested Would definitely recommend. I don t get it I loved OtGW, but this is nowhere near that level of quality The writing style and sentence structures seem intentionally basic and childish Did the author write this years ago when he was in elementary school I didn t really know what to expect but this was not it It has a similar vein as Over the Garden Wall and while I liked that better, this was a good read Very short, but very good And like OTGW, I nearly cried. {READ KINDLE} ⚣ Bags º The Night Cloaked The Swaying Woods In A Deathly Hue Until It All Stopped Swaying The House Of Bone Buzzed John Was Alone Inside The HouseOr Was He Bags Is The Tale Of John Motts A Man Who Had A Dog But Now His Dog Is Gone So He Has To Go Find It Bags Is A Story Of Love And Suspense That May Thrill Some Readers Of All Ages I m sad and don t really know what to think now