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I am so frustrated that I wasted my time reading this I was warned that narrator was excessively expressive and overdramatic which she was but that was not the worst part There were two huge problems with this book First, it ends suddenly with a huge, huge, huge cliffhanger Because of the sudden ending, this is not a, book but like a book that was cut right in the middle and split into 2 different books when it should ve been just 1 The other frustrating aspect to this, book was that there was no kissing, no romance, etc NOTHING until the very, very end At the very end, just when things look like they are finally going to start heating up and the story might actually get interesting, the book suddenly ends If there had been even a sample of what might be coming later in the series, I might have considered reading further yet we got nothing Since I already wasted a huge amount of time waiting for this book to improve and it never did, I do not plan to risk wasting even time again by reading part 2 Part 1 is basically comprised of foreshadowing, teasing us about what might happen in future books However, the synopsis for 1 led me to assume that this was a BDSM romance and like I said, we didn t even get a kiss let alone a spanking Fan worthy This was surprisingly over the top HOT I need to continue with this series, because our billionaire is a total mystery to me. AUDIOBOOKAck Narration was so, so badmelodramatic and over the top.This Kindle book was 99 cents paired with a 1.99 narration, so I figured what the heck Subsequent parts of the 7 part series are 2.99 for about 80 pgs each with a paired 1.99 narration If the books aren t 99 cents though, it s actually cheaper to just get the audible version directly for 4.86 each With that said, the narration is so bad, save the money and if you enjoy the series, just read it Based on the ratings, it must come off better reading it, but I m amazed it s in the 4 star range This is one of those I look at you, I m in your presenceand now I have the inexplicable urge to drop my pants and touch myself inappropriately in a public place Really face palm There s just no story and no real character development That s all I m gonna say about that. This book totally captivated me I felt I was there in the library with them I could hear his voice in my mind, and feel hers beat. ( Free Book ) ⚐ His Absolute Obsession (The Billionaires Paradigm, #1) ☯ Trapped in a library during a blizzard, Elise finds herself stuck with the untoward magnate, Lucent Storme, who s rud to have than a few forbidden desiresWhen Elise Tanner finds herself trapped in a library with Lucent Storme during a record breaking blizzard she panics How did he get here He doesn t know her, but she knows him Lucent is the newly appointed Director of Public Relations for Landseer Enterprises and an influential business magnate who wouldn t know him Elise knows him and she hates him He seems false, fake, too self important by far, and excessively demanding Worse yet, with over six feet of snow expected and the streets completely blocked, there s no way for her to escape him She s heard rumors of Lucent s darker sexuality, too He s predatory and dominant supposedly definitely dominant, Elise finds out but he seems like so much , too Lucent proves himself both intelligent and charming though reserved and terse , much to Elise s surprise Is there really to this handsome, rakish, enigmatic man, or is it all a facade for his darkness, His Absolute Obsession This scintillating contemporary romance contains themes of domination and submission To boring for me The story drew me in and swept me away This is the first book in a series of seven novellas Seven amazing novellas that make up one amazing story I might add.A little reading before bedBoy was I wrong The story was captivating and flowed wonderfully, the hours seemed to fly by as I went from book one to two and then three I m sleepy and that s the second most important thing on my mind at the moment Oh, what s the first thing you ask That would be the anticipation and joy of reading the other four books tomorrow I can t wait If only my eyes would stay open. My biggest issue with this story and the reason for a lower rating is way too much argumentative inner monologue All the time spent with Elise arguing in her head could have been better used describing the characters looks or maybe Lucent s POV. This book captures your attention It keeps you entrenched from the beginning to the end It is not a short story It is a long book I don t think I have read a book this long that has kept my attention so well. Good introduction Bit disappointed there wasn t sex, just a bit of masturbation right at the end However, I ve bought the whole series now and the characters were engaging so I m looking forward to reading the rest