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,, [[ Free ]] ☠ シャーマンキング 完全版 26 ⇻ Cover art Anna ShikigamiFirst week sales ,Chapters Japanese VisionzChapters EnglishMic PerformanceA Terrible EventOnce Upon a Time PoemFrom Now On ForeverThe CowsFor the Time BeingGood NightGood Morning Mu ContinentFalling DamukoInvisible JungleCats Are Attached to Sad PeopleHate Me, Nichrome, Otherwise I Won t Lose VisionzFunbari No Uta ChapterFunbari Poem Shaman FilesGoldvaGoldvaKalimSpirit of EarthSpirit of ThunderSpirit of RainSpirit of WindPrincess HaoRenimNichromThallimNotes Chapter was originally Chapters, from VolumeChapterwas originally Chapter , only released in Volume , however, this chapter for the Kang Zeng Bang has been rewritten and the original should be discarded as an alternate story Chapters are new chapters only printed in this KZB release Chapterwas released online for free on Feb th,Funbari No Uta Chapterwas originally published in Akamaru Jump , Summer , then republished in Volumeof the original print