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{Ebook} ë The Daughter Swapping Fantasy Club 5 Ü Tyler Barnes has it all good looks, a prestigious job as a doctor, a beautiful wife, and a great relationship with his stepdaughter Sofia He should be happy, but he finds himself wanting Tyler s friends have convinced him to join a club where he can get All he has to do is bring his stepdaughter along and share her with his friends On his fifth visit to the club with Sofia, Tyler has arranged a threesome for himself with Isabella and Eva, which means their dads get to share Tyler s daughter While he enjoys himself with two girls at once, Sofia is on the receiving end of some rough treatment It s an experience Tyler sees firsthand when one of the other girls at the club shows him a secret room where the club owner films sex through a one way mirror Will Tyler s guilt at what he has done to his daughter force him to do something violent Will he quit the club out of guilt Volume Five of the Daughter Swapping Fantasy Club is a , word continuation of the saga of the perverted club for horny older men to swap their lovely daughters It portrays steamy acts of sexuality for adults only