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~Book ☰ The Foreigners ☤ Veiled women who submissively follow their husbands orders and are forbidden to drive, men with dark skin and a herd of wives around them, people who speak in a harsh Arabic tongue discussing Shariah law Muslims There is one other thing that we as a society associate with the people of Islamic faith it s the thing that causes us to uneasily scrutinize the bearded man who walks through security at the airport as he collects his hand luggage from the conveyor belt and scrambles to slip on his shoes he reaches into his pocket to take a look at his boarding pass and we catch a glimpse of it, hoping that he s not boarding our flights, that he s not going to be on Terrorism We associate Islam with terrorism In this heart wrenching, eye opening piece of work,year old author Amara Majeed tells the real life stories of incredible Muslims from around the world Woven beautifully into this compilation of short biographies are controversial topics that aren t discussed openly in society The spellbinding book is beautifully captivating with its painful yet exhilarating biographies, and it will surely offer readers a different perspective on Muslims during the post era of Islamophobia