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{Read E-pub} ì The Sizzling Spanish (Horrible History Magazines, #35) Á A fun, fort nightly magazine subscription, giving children an exciting way of looking into history This is the th of the set and gives information of the Spanish and their old torture techniquesIncludes Total Torture it s the evil inquisition Why the reigns in spain were a pain Dare to enter a dungeon of dread Souks you It s a very Moorish issue It s a hot tip That s stretching it I subscribed to the series after watching an advert online, and read them as soon as they arrived, and couldn t wait for the next one to come out They give such great facts about each time period and even on periods I knew about, the magazines contained information I had never heard before.I seriously found this one quite boring I just felt like they were trying to bring a lot of detail into facts that were dull and un interesting on to number 36