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I flip flopped around with what rating to give this book Gaston never won The Cup so I couldn t give it a 5, plus I might have played against him for one game a few years back so he would have been the enemy Plus, plus, I m a writer myself and jealousy is an affliction among us word smithers And I m going to write a better hockey book someday Just watch me If only I could write as well as Bill Gaston and remember as much. (((Download))) ☊ Midnight Hockey: All About Beer, the Boys, and the Real Canadian Game ↠ From Giller nominated author Bill Gaston, proof not only that hockey players can read, but that some of them can even writeMidnight Hockey tells the story of Gaston s final season, as he contemplates hanging up his skates, and looks back on the sport that has meant so much to him Sometimes lewd and hilarious, sometimes though not as often reflective, Midnight Hockey is a portrait of Canada s fastest growing athletic phenomenon beer league and oldtimers hockey Gaston spills the beans about the rules of the game written and unwritten , weird beer, team names, and road trip sex, illustrated with stories of Gaston s life in the game, from the outdoor rinks of Winnipeg, through junior hockey, varsity, the professional leagues of Europe, to the late night games and road trip shenanigans of beer league For all those thousands of guys who drive to the rink late on a snowy night, who know the euphoria of a beer after the game, who think of how good they used to be, who grow nostalgic over a whiff from an unwashed hockey bag and for anyone who has had to live with such a person Midnight Hockey is laugh out loud funny, true to life, and ultimately thoughtful From the Hardcover edition This book was glorious Compared to Gaston s fiction I far preferred this acerbic, often TMI, account of oldtimers hockey and his own life as a Canadian hockey player I was trying to quell my often appalled laughter to little avail on the bus reading this It s ridiculous and profane anddisgusting than I usually read, but it s funny as all hell and a quite faithful account of hockey, and hockey past youth I loved this book. stamped, catalogued