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!KINDLE ♾ An End to the Bull: Cut Through the Noise to Develop a Sustainable Trading Career ⚓ Go beyond technical analysis tools with this comprehensive look at trading analysis Strategies for successful trading analysis for all markets are out there, but they re not often found in books for the general public So what are the secrets that professional traders know, but aren t willing to share An End to the Bull Cut Through the noise to Develop A Sustainable Trading Career is a robust, honest resource that presents an alternative approach to the markets, combining traditional technical tools with fundamental analysis, behavioral finance, and other key concepts to enrich readers trading knowledge The author s comprehensive, educated look at the topic fills a huge need in the trading community, and is ideal both for novices and experienced tradersIn An End to the Bull, Norden suggests that total reliance on traditional technical analysis can lead to failure, and has ended in disappointment for many The book offers up a unique approach for anyone looking to establish a sustainable trading career based on a combination of the most tried and true methods While it focuses especially on trading in Australia, the book is a useful resource for international traders at all levelsExplains why change is needed in trading analysis and presents a revolutionary approach used by successful professional traders Shares the core techniques and strategies to build knowledge and establish a business minded attitude Discusses advanced ideas crucial for all traders, including understanding volatility and the typical flaws of behavioral finance Gives solid advice for traders anywhere in the world An End to the Bull takes the mystery out of trading analysis and puts the power to navigating markets into the hands of readers