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Sadly this book felt like filler instead of actual story Problems come up and are resolved just a few pages later There is very little tension, drama or character advancement through this book It was almost as if the author forgot that there was going to be the nine schools competition and had to rush a story down on paper Very good overall book, like the new characters a good bit and as always infodumps in this series are what I live for Still a bit of a just coasting along however probably a 3.5/5. Good to see the 9sc once again. At first I was a little bored with the idea of another 9 schools competition But the ending was really interesting and Kudou's background and schemes too. |Free ☮ 魔法科高校の劣等生(13) スティープルチェース編 ☪ 西暦二〇九六年、七月。今年も、魔法科高校生にとって夏最大のイベントである全国魔法科高校親善魔法競技大会、通称『九校戦』が開催される。しかし今年の『九校戦』はひと味違っていた。競技種目及びルール改定。本番まで残すところ一ヶ月の段階でもたらされた何の前触れもない大幅変更に、魔法科高校各校は慌ただしい対応を迫られる。そんなある日、九校戦の作戦立案に当たっていた達也の元へ、匿名のメッセージが届けられる。それは、九校戦を舞台とした新たな陰謀の存在を示唆するもので―。華やかな競技の裏で繰り広げられる暗闘。昼なお暗い富士の人工樹海を駆け抜ける達也が、背信の陰謀に挑む!『二学年度の部』九校戦編登場!