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This is story of Mika, who sings with No Regrets, but is given a recording contract on her own But, it turns out that the dance instructor is crushing on her producer, which brings on her being terminated But, turns out that the producer, Ken, has TB And, he is refusing to take his medication This, in turn, keeps him from getting any better I hope he decides to start taking his meds in future volumes, but I don t have any of the others. read for No Flying No Tights review read for No Flying No Tights review Hmm, the reason for the low rating is one, the art, the cover is really pretty, but in a lot of the pictures the character look like they re wearing off center wigs, and is several scenes the artist put so much shojo shine in their eyes they look like they re crying.Two The story kinds, meanders around, and seems to also have a lot in common with Full Moon O Sagashite I really enjoyed this Fun and flouncy, a great summer read. .FREE DOWNLOAD ♂ J Pop Idol: Volume 1 ⚖ Mika, Key, and Naomi are best friends and they all want to win the J Idol Audition talent show But when they win, only Mika is offered to debut Will their friendship be able to withstand her solo stardom