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{Free Epub} ⛎ Carnap Brought Home: The View from Jena Ý Rudolf Carnap was the most important philosopher of the movement known as logical empiricism or logical positivism, still the basis of much modern analytic philosophy It was long thought that this movement had been destroyed by the polemics of Quine, Popper, and Kuhn But recently, leading philosophers have been re appraising this verdict It is no longer universally agreed that Quine or Popper won their disputes with Carnap, and some have now been arguing that Kuhn s ideas are as Carnap himself thought perfectly compatible with logical empiricismThis volume presents the latest contributions to this discussion from both sides, and adds a number of new voices, who look at Carnap from a international point of view bringing out, for instance, the roots of his thought in Continental neo Kantianism and Dilthey s Lebensphilosophie, and stressing his deep commitment to political and cultural change Carnap grew up in Jena, and in his student days was an active member there of the utopian Sera Group , part of the German youth movement At the same time, he was one of Frege s few students, and was deeply influenced by him