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@Read Pdf â MBQ, Volume 1 × Omario is a struggling comic book artist in Los Angeles who is pissed off at the world for dismissing his artistic craft as commercial, super hero dreck O Malley is a rookie cop who is also pissed off at all the young thugs that are making the streets dangerous by the day When Omario and O Malley cross paths with each other, the whole neighborhood almost goes up in smoke, as the frustrations of getting by in this world start to boil over MBQ is fast food from the hood at its spiciest From the creative mind of up and coming comic artist Felipe Smith comes this tragi comic portrait of the great big, burger fed underbelly of life in the big city Smith begins his oddesy through the fucked up urban multiethic world of LA While his work is highly original and interesting it is also extremely violent, including gang drug violence, gay trans bashing, and extreme sexual violence towards women Overall, I can see the worth of this urban African American manga even though the content is not my cup of tea. The main problem with this book is that it only just starts to feel like it s getting going before it s over, but it s not quite compelling enough to make me want to go out and get the next volume A shame, since there is something here, a spark, but not quite enough.