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I would give one and a half stars to this book It s a nice, dreamy story, one with which daydreamers such as myself will readily identify The action is fantasy like and fun, making this for some a good bedtime story, I m sure. This is a fun, nighttime adventure with a country western feel obviously, see the title As Little Tex prepares for bed, that s when the journey begins The rhymes of this book seem predictable and the illustrations aren t anything special but they are adequate for an engaging book to read with children. This is a sweet, rhyming tale that is great to read to young cowboy fans at bedtime The rhythmic narrative and soothing nighttime scenes work well together and I think this book would appeal to both boys and girls. A fun rhyming bedtime story for little space cowboys and cowgirls which stays in character throughout. Space cowboys for a younger crowd, with engaging rhymes to read out loud. A cute little rhyming story that is great to read at bedtime.preps and grade 1 Bedtime and dream land. A very easy, quick read for a bedtime story Not overly interesting or exciting definitely a book to get both you and the kids yawning. `DOWNLOAD EPUB ✔ Lasso the Moon ☝ Time for bed, Little Tex Rio Rosie, goodnight Jump in your bunkbedsAnd close your eyes tight So begins this dreamy, soothing poem that takes Tex and Rosie into the starry night