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I won t let you become a star is a cute one shot comic by Watase Yuu It was originally published in Sho Comi and later released in America in the last book of Absolute Boyfriend This supernatural themed comic is charming and sweet, and worth the read. Awww, I love these cute love stories from Watase. Really cute short manga I really liked this the only thing i didnt like about this is that it was instalove and that doesnt really go well with me but i liked everything else {Free Book} Ý I won't let you become a star! ã A special short story that was published in a freebie book put out in Sho Comi, then added as an extra in the last volume of Zettai KareshiChima Nagatsu, a high school sopho, has always been able to see spirits that have died but haven t passed on yet She also has the power to banish them One day she gets a job from her uncle asking her to banish the spirits in an all boys school She reluctantly accepts only to find that one of the spirits, Tsukasa, is a boy whom she admires Genre Fantasy, One Shot, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural